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  1. I've got a set of those on my match... They work in a pinch, but they just aren't quite right. I can't quite put my finger on it. I really wish henning would make his large frame grips again those are the bomb.
  2. Hey guys, I have a set of EG's extreme gribs for a stock II (like new), I'd like to swap them out for a set of either Henning, or EG's grips for a match, or stock I. I'd prefer hennings, but anything skinny at this point would be great. Grips I'm swapping for don't need to like new, as I'm just going to cover them with grip tape any way ;-)
  3. Mentioned this in another thread, but I figure I'd stick it here. I'm looking for a sear cage, used is fine, let me know if you can hook a brother up. ~Thanks
  4. JayJay, Figured I would chime in.. I own an LNL have turned out many tens of thousands of rounds on it. I have struggled with my case feed for a while, but finally got working as it should. You can make them run right, but it wasn't easy for me. and I still occasionally have an issue with 45/9mm not dropping from the feed wheel and causing the wheel to hang up until I pop them free... but from what I understand this happens with the dillion system as well. I could detail everything I did, to make it run correctly. Problems can stem from a number of different places. From improperly manufa
  5. How come you took off the slide release? Slide relealses are a crutch... pro's don't need them... if only I was a pro... ;-P Henning sells a replacement cross piece that is harder then the stock slide/lock cross pin. I had heard tails of the stock one deforming over time.. so I just upgraded to the henning cross pin. Occasionally when I when load really long my rounds would catch the slide lock and prematurely lock it open. (This was solved with new mec-gar mags), but I figure rather than grind down a perfectly good slide lock, I'd just use the pin. I really don't miss the slide lock. I
  6. Jesus Christ Atlas... that's a ton of Tanfo.
  7. Presentation:10 Composition:10, Variety: 4. ;-) Nice
  8. Thought I would share some of my amateur photo's with you folks. My production gun. My limited gun with ghetto yellow skateboard tape grips My Limited backup match/base for .22 conversion trainer. I hope you folks Enjoyed it. Yes the stock II is in 9mm. The trigger was done up by Jim at shooter ready and is amazing. I got my unicorn.
  9. 1. Thank you so much for this... I was beginning to think I was going crazy. I've been getting mine to run with a COL of around 1.095, but some rounds still stick just a hair.. not enough to cause functional issues just enough to make chamber checking annoying. 2. What weight powder charge are you running 3.6 seems to be what I'm at right now.
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. For right now I'm going to just load appropriately. The loads I tested at 135pf didnt' show any pressure signs, and appear to be far more accurate than I am. I appreciate all the help!
  11. Glad to know it's not just my gun. I have a few friends that had similar issues with their cz's. They ended up getting their chambers reamed out, which is why I asked. Accuracy is good with my current shortened loads.. so provided they are safe I really have no complaints.
  12. Hey guys, I've been shooting a limited in 40 for a number of years, and last year I picked up a stockII. I've been working up 9mm loads for this coming season, and I've noticed the chamber on the stock II seems a little short. I've been loading 135gr bayou bullets with win 231. Almost all the data out there says these should run around 1.135 for COL. When I load to that length the projectile impacts the rifling. slide will not close all the way 100% of the time, and live rounds become difficult to extract by hand. I've backed off my COL to 1.105 and now everything seems 100%. My loads don'
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