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  1. I checked their website not much details Btw any one as the address to the range? Latitude, longitude will do as well.
  2. Wait, is down range towards were you are walking to or is downrange the direction where you are shooting... If the former then DQ. If the later then BS.
  3. I failed to seethe DQ. By the RO body gesture he had in for you. Maybe he had it in for everyone shooting the stage. No way in hell you broke the 180. NO WAY!!!
  4. I once shot at a target about 40 yards one handed. Not fun
  5. That is a drastic difference... Same gun and model and different speed.... What would cause this? I will chrono. My plan is to start with 4.0 and work my way to 4.3.
  6. I did not know that....
  7. bobtorre


    Is that a carver gun? I see it has alot of his parts. Hows it shoot? It has carver mount, carver 10 port compensator but that is it. KKM match barrel, CCF frame, tugsten guide rod, zev tech fulcron trigger assembly, skeletonize firing pin, ice magwell,, It shoots very accurately. I had FTF issues, but once I got the lee undersized sizing full die, problem solved....
  8. It is on the approved production gun list so I can't see why you wouldn't be good to go with that setup. Thank you
  9. So what was the final outcome?
  10. Good rulings. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Oh, yes DQ on the practice video as well
  12. DQ! You were not facing down range when the gun was out. The gun pointing down while drawing is allowed but facing downrange while you do it is key for safety reasons... I think this ia good lesson for everyone and kudos to the RO
  13. Zorro cometh... Saturday 1pm.... If señores can still send apps I will extend the invitation to some of my amigos.
  14. Señor Ben, I own a beretta 96 stock model and I am reloading for it to PF 133. Am I legal for production? Please advise or point Yourstruly in the right direction
  15. I own the limitted in 45 acp. Lead is all i shoot through it.... Barrel fouling contrary to what most think is a good thing. A fouled barrel will shoot more consistently than a squeaky clean one. Now if you cannot see your the rifling due to exorbitant amount of leading then that isa bad thing..
  16. Video is a great tool. I run a local forum, very small, composed of local shooters only (I can't disclose the name and do not pm me for it). We video as many matches as we can. It has become an indispensable tool to improve. As far as becoming faster, just go faster, but be fluid and deliberate in your motions. What is the point of running full speed only to have to stop in a hurry, gain your composure and then shoot... Lol... If you can run like that and stop on a dime while shooting A's afterward then god bless. But or the rest of us mortals, well ...
  17. Keep that gun high as you move between target arrays + I agree with what is already posted. I myself am struggling with the same issues. I am a big guy and not the fastest hombre out there. But the few times I have slow down for the sake of being fluid and deliberate in my motion and foot work ... Well my scores have shown it ... Unfortunately that only happens once in a while...
  18. My 2 centavos. ... with proper finger placement and proper trigger pull and follow through a stock 5.5 trigger pull is good to go. However, when you need to speed up those shots and you have a long stage, you will not be able to maintain that same trigger pull execution. the proper muscles will fatigue nd you will start to introduce others. Then Mr. Low and his cousin Left will pay an unwelcome visit this more of n issue in revolvers, striker type actions. I recall a stage where my last target was like 5 yards. I says... I am going to give it hell. My brain said double tap...Let it Rip! Trigger finger was like ... Woat? The 2 slowest shots I have ever taken. Since then I brought down the trigger pull on my sw 625 to 7 lbs.
  19. Señor cas I will take your offer. Let me know when it is convenient
  20. Clays it is... 4.3 grains pushing the 230s Gracias
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