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  1. flamatrix99

    Open guns dont shoot themselves

    I quit shooting for several years. I just attended a Fighting from Concealment class to refresh myself on that. I sucked at USPSA. I tried it for a year or so. I could shoot very accurate but i was slow. I even shot at a Level 2 match in 2013. The Gator Classic. Out of the four of us that used to shoot together only one continued and now he is a B or A class shooter.
  2. flamatrix99

    Open guns dont shoot themselves

    I am even worse, I have an STI Edge and I haven't been to a match in 5 years.
  3. flamatrix99

    147 gr 9mm

    I just ordered a SilencerCo Octane can and I would like to reload for PCC. I have seen people shoot subsonic 147s for both. Precision Delta has 147 FMJ and 147 FMJ Flat Point. Anyone know if one is better or worse for PCC or suppressors? Thanks
  4. flamatrix99

    EGW U-Die

    I am currently using a Lee U Die (40S&W) in station 1 of my 550. It seems to be rough on the press and the handle sticks on the upstroke. I assume its the narrower case stuck on the powder funnel. For this reason I was considering a Redding GRX push through die to use on my single stage press. Does anyone have the same issue with the EGW die? I know they are really Lee dies.
  5. flamatrix99

    OAL effect on Velocity

    Make sure ever station is full when your measuring/setting up your OAL. If your setting up your OAL while just using the seating station, then once you start cranking out the rounds and using all the stations (most importantly the sizing station), the OAL will change. Your OAL should stay with a +/- .001. Unless your seating die is seating the bullet off the O-GIve and not the tip of the bullet. In that case, I'd have no idea, but deviations would go up, since handgun bullets just aren't made that precise. I will try this... Thanks. I am loading SWCs and had to swap the seating die around from RN.
  6. flamatrix99

    OAL effect on Velocity

    Anyone have trouble with OAL varying on a 550b? I am trying to seat to 1.185" and I see it vary from 1.180 to 1.190. I keep trying to get it perfect.