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  1. In the video above Jerry mentions Nationals and ICORE, has he ever competed with the 929?
  2. MWP, thank you for the help! I can see where this technique could have some advantages for me.
  3. I can eject from this position but if I raise the muzzle much more the gun wants to slide out of my hand. My normal reload is JM style.
  4. Do you eject before your strong hand comes off the gun?
  5. That seems extreme for a division with only a couple of guys in it.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it, the target on the right isn't that bad. Once when I was struggling with a new platform a GM told me it can take 10,000 rounds to get it right. Stay positive and enjoy every trip to the range.
  7. .27 faster splits darn! I could go into negative split territory with those , uh wait a minute, is that even possible
  8. Use the new style plunger with a piece of drill rod behind it instead of the spring.
  9. Apparently my powder measure has enough clearance between powder bar and spacer (.007) to allow Sport Pistol to get in there, wear the parts and dust the press. Today I smoothed out the roughness and made a .004 shim for the spacer. If your powder measure runs clean and smooth with fine powders you don't have a problem.
  10. After using SP for 6 months it seems my Dillon powder bar is getting chewed up. Anyone else notice this?
  11. Long action Smiths are not difficult to shoot fast, don't know how the length of pull compares to the Ruger though.
  12. The Brazos 124 is an excellent profile, looks a lot like the H&G #331. I got a bunch in over the weekend and the first 6 I ran over the chrono gave a 0 SD with Alliant Sport Pistol. I’ve never seen a 0 SD for 6 shots before and may never see another but it made me smile. john
  13. I filed my Lee 9mm size die flush with the carbide insert, after doing this all rounds drop in my Dillon gauge unless the case rim has damage but that has nothing to do with sizing.
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