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  1. Long action Smiths are not difficult to shoot fast, don't know how the length of pull compares to the Ruger though.
  2. The Brazos 124 is an excellent profile, looks a lot like the H&G #331. I got a bunch in over the weekend and the first 6 I ran over the chrono gave a 0 SD with Alliant Sport Pistol. I’ve never seen a 0 SD for 6 shots before and may never see another but it made me smile. john
  3. I filed my Lee 9mm size die flush with the carbide insert, after doing this all rounds drop in my Dillon gauge unless the case rim has damage but that has nothing to do with sizing.
  4. 158 gr rn Berry’s and most of the 160 rn coated bullets have a good shape for speedloader use. I’m with mwp on the weak hand gun abuse issue. I reload strong hand and as long as the gun is muzzle down I drop the speedloader with a soft release from just above the cylinder, then as the rounds find the holes I grip the speedloader by the spring cover or spring and trigger the realease. When I do the drop my hand never really leaves the speedloader. This is the best technique I’ve found with the K frame gun I use.
  5. TFin04, Can’t do both with one gun, not and be competitive anyway. IDPA is cheaper to get into and you can use factory 38s to get started, if you stick with revo you will want to reload though. john P.S. If you decide to get a 929 MWP gives excellent advice.
  6. Had some rounds that acted like very light powder charges, several in a couple of matches, case lube that I didn’t let dry fully was the only thing I could trace the problem to. With the same powder, primers, bullets, brass and press haven’t had another problem. john
  7. Hornady one shot will cause near squibs if you don’t let it dry fully before loading. John
  8. Flat nose bullets work ok, round nose is best though.
  9. NOE 360-150 RN or Lee 358-150 1R. Neither of these bullets have a shoulder ahead of the crimp groove, and with a roll crimp they should drop right in the cylinder.
  10. If you shoot a lot the JM being heavier will be easier on your hands, sight radius is longer on JM. Small difference but...... A friend of mine has a mostly stock PC and does fine with it, I have a PC and would like to have a JM lol. I compete with a K frame most of the time. John
  11. Thanks for the reply's. Both models are available locally now. john
  12. Any advantage to the steel gun over stainless? John
  13. I don't think 1=1 would slow the times much, not enough to make IDPA boring by any stretch. ICORE has 1=1 scoring and the pace looks about the same as any of the other games. Shooters will adjust, do what needs to be done to make those tough shots. Shot splits on some stages will go up a little, but movement, reloads etc. won't change. So a 14 second stage goes in 14.8 or 15.1 who cares. Easy shots will be the same as they are now, easy. So why change? I think it would push people to shoot smoother more in control. A good challenge. John REV exp
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