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  1. Drummen not on stock. MBX not on stock for about 3 month's
  2. Yes i have send caspian a email yesterday. And they have not answer the mail. I wil wait an few days.
  3. Hello I live in the netherlands and a friend of my needs caspian 38 super dubbelstack magazine's. I can't find them anywhere on the internet. Is here some one nows where i can buy them. Or is there someone ho nows how to make a tanfolgio big frame magazine work in a Caspian? I read that this is a option? Greetings Jan Wit
  4. Maybe drummen custom guns in the netherlands. He is left also, and he made form him self 2 guns that eject on the left side.
  5. overpriced with a plastic grip. for that pice i go to atlas with a steel grip
  6. I held one 2 weeks ago i a gun shop here in the netherlands. Very nice gun, very tight handled great. The price for the open is around 4700 euro's. For around 4300 euro's HPS guns make's one for you.
  7. i use the same loads. Major (pf 168) voor ESC, IPSC and steel matches
  8. In my open(hps guns) i use fed 100 or S&B small pistol the black boxes.
  9. i use a Hornady die, and i use the 38 super dia set.
  10. I am in the Netherlands


    1 have 2 HPS in 38 super comp

  11. Recoil master light in a hps gun from duitsland Gun is a 38 super 3port com with 2 side holes and a pope hole n105 9,8 gr 124 gr los RN pf 168
  12. Is there a place in europe where i can buy a ck arms 2011 gun?
  13. Hello I have one Hans Peter Scheffer gun from germany. Bild on a STI frame Caspian slide KKM barrel.38 SC The gun now has 85 k rounds down the pipe of pf 168. And stil verry thight. i shoot groups of 2 inch at 50 yards
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