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  1. Ok Gang - I am going to take the edges off my pin to be sure that is not the problem. I am going to run a batch tonight so I will post results. The 1-2 per thousand that get missed are not crimped. I always check & would not blame the press for that.
  2. Thanks Chuck. As I mentioned in my original quote I am not pulling the primers back in. I have read the tips & tricks years ago but just looked again for updates, thanks. Dillon Resizing Die with 20K plus cases loaded through it. Take it apart to clean it occasionally!
  3. Hey everyone. First a little background. I have been happily loading on a 650 for about 6-7 years now. Calibers include 9/40/45/223. I have probably loaded 20K+ cartridges over the years. I have been very very very happy with the 650. My problem started when I recently converted back to 9mm. I have 2-3 cases per thousand slip through station 1 without getting the primer removed. It does not appear the pin is going through and pulling it back in. The case is lining up and goes through the die as normal. Seems like the pin just doesn't have enouhg "oomph" to push out some of the primers. These are not crimped cases, they have all run through the press previosouly without issue. Any ideas?
  4. I loaded thousands of 9/45 without any lube,h no problems. On the advice of a friend I tried a little One SHot & it just makes things so much Smoooother I now apply a little each time I load up the casefeeder on the 650. I did nto have great success with One shot on the rifle cases. After 2 stuck cases I switched to imperial waz & stuck with that....No stuck cases so far.
  5. Guys, I am seating the primers to deep, *NOT* to high. It seems I am puishing a little to hard on a few?
  6. Hey guys! I have had my 650 for about three years & love it! I have made 35K+ quality rounds in 9/45/223 with my Dillon! Last batch of 9 off the press starting having "light strike" issues with my Glock & Shield. You can slearly see the primeris getting hit, but no boom! It appears as though the 650 is seating some of the primers a little low. I use a consistant stroke (not short stroking or anything) and have never had this issue before. Any ideas?
  7. Brass costs here are going through the roof! Prices have nearly doubled on everything! Crazy Panic buying going on in NY!
  8. I bought my 650 as my first press 1.5 years ago and could not be happier! I have now cranked out over 10 thousand rounds of 9mm. I also load 223 & 45ACP. The video really helped me when I started!
  9. If you really want weird looks just start going through the big brass collection barrel at the range. I normally don't dumpster dive, but occasionally someone will pour a bunch of 45's in and I can't resist. People really think your whacky sifting through all the 22 cases to get the prize!
  10. I started with a 650 about a year ago and couldn't be happier! I got the Dillon setup video which made setup easier. I went back and fourth between the 550/650, I would have been disappointed if I had not gone for the 650 right out of the gate. The 650 is an outstanding machine, I was cranking out good ammo right away! Start slow and don't worry about speed and you will do just fine.
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