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  1. I've loaded probably 5 or 6 thousand Berrys 124HP's. An OAL of 1.125 works best in my Glocks but is too long for my High Power. Had to reduce the powder charge and use an OAL of 1.110 to feed the High Power. The OAL is obviously gun dependent even though specs say the chamber should be 1.169 for 9mm. Sometimes the shape of the bullet makes a big difference as FMJ's have a "quicker" rounding profile, they can be loaded longer than some HP's - especially the Berrys which is pretty long before the Ogive rounds away from the case. Can't help you on the PP charge. I use Titegroup at 4.2 grain
  2. Thanks for the suggestions and the article reference guys. I'm going to continue to shoot high thumbs as even in my latest range trip I could feel it "coming around".
  3. Currently shooting Glocks. I have the same issue with 1911's and Hi-powers although for the last month I have been shooting a Glock exclusively trying to iron out this grip. I want to shoot the Glock in production and in SSP in IDPA. Group size at 15 yds with low thumbs is 3-4 inches at rapid fire. Using high thumbs it is 6-8 inches at rapid fire. Can still get decent hits with the high thumbs at 15 yds and closer, but out at 25 yds it is unacceptable.
  4. I have read the books and watched the videos regarding the new (to me) standard in grips of pointing both thumbs forward without applying pressure to the slide. I have done the Burkett timing drills and adjusted my grip to optimize my groups as instructed. The problem is, I find that I can still get tighter groups using the old grip (which I have been using all my life) of low thumbs with the support hand thumb over the top of the strong hand thumb and squeezing the gun a little harder. I have tried shooting the high thumbs exclusively for about a month (just over 1000 rnds), but at the ran
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