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  1. http://www.stand1armory.com/store/p19/.223_55gr-FMJ_AMMUNITION.html
  2. Why in the 3G Regional Series is a pistol off safe a Match DQ but on the Pro Series it is a procedural penalty? Are non Pro guns more likely to go off? The same dump buckets are used at both events.
  3. I thought the stages were really impressive. Use of all three guns on most of them and the target presentation was outstanding.
  4. I had the factory Leupold mount on my prismatic and my POI would change right or left 6 to 8 inches everytime I shot the thing. I was so frustrated and was about to get rid of the optic and then finally asked someone what they had done to get their prismatc to hold zero. I was told to get the Laure mount for the pristmatic. I finally broke down and order the Larue mount and it has been POA/POI ever since. Now I love the optic.
  5. I was sick and tired of reading all of these post about how great the Vortex Gen II w/ JM reticle scope is so I broke down and bought one. Zeroed it today at 200 and that was quick and easy. Love how small the illuminated dot is in the reticle. Glass was very clear. Will get to stretch its legs this Saturday at the NTXMG match. Hopefully we will be going out to 500 to see how this BDC works out. Current scope is the Swaro and I love it except for the size of the illuminated dot. I will report back after the match this Sat.
  6. Drive up to Dallas for the North TX Multigun match. They are shooting Saturday and Sunday. Northtexasmultigun.com
  7. Shot my Dynamic Resistance comp for the first time this weekend and it was very impressive. I took a Rolling Thunder off my 16" rifle and put on the DR. First thing I noticed was the weight savings. Not a decision maker for me but you can definately feel the difference. This comp was much easier on the ears than the RT. Muzzle movement/rise was very little with this comp. Not quite as effecient as my RT but better than my Cooly that was on this barrel before. Definately one to consider if you are in the market for a new comp and the price is very attractive also.
  8. Loading speed and consistency Well, after a couple months of comparing the loading differences between the VM and M2, using the strong hand method of loading 2, quad loading, and traditional weakhand loading from a caddy, I can conclude the following based on my experience. Load 2 I am slightly faster and more consistant with the VM when loading 2 shell at a time. The VM seems to just suck the shells into the receiver. Having the extra 1/2 inch length and wider opening really makes a difference for this loading technique. Quad Here is where I was surprised. I can quad load with both guns equally at the same speed, which is between 2.9-3.0 secs for 8rds. However, I am much more consistant with the M2 when quad loading. I am pretty sure the difference is because of the raised fore-end on the VM. The second set of shells hit/rub on the fore-end and disrupts the shells in my hand and causes the fumble. I have cut down a lot of material on the fore-end of my VM but am still having some issues. Traditional weak hand The VM is much easier for me to load weak hand from a caddy. I fumble a lot less with the VM than the M2 when using this method. Once again, this is based off of my experience with two really awesome shotguns. Hopefully this might help someone considering between the two platforms. James
  9. Reliablility Well, I wanted to get to at least 500 rounds through the VM before I considered mentioning reliability. I know this is not enough rounds to conclude anything about the reliabilty of this gun but as an update, I have had Zero malfunctions with any type of bird shot, which includes #8 shot at 1100fps and the cheap bulk pack Winchester rounds. I did have 1 malfunction out of 30 while shooting Fiocchi 1oz 1150fps slugs. As a comparision, when I first got my M2, which was before I sent it to Accurate Iron, I probably had 20 failures in the first 500 rounds. Almost all malfunctions were when I used light loads. James
  10. Michael, you can shoot all three side by side and see which one you prefer. I will hopefully get to the range this Saturday if you are available.
  11. Lightened bolt is not needed on the M2 for reliability. Just feed it ammo and shoot.
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