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  1. Memphis- Agreed. DA is tricky, but my buddy Kujo has his Tanfo DA triggers pretty sick and he uses the 1050 to leverage the primer seating. JROTTY- I got the thumbrest from France -Eric Grauffel’s website. Your SA Tanfo should easily get under 3lbs, especially with a Henning trigger. If you have big hands, I have a large Henning trigger available for sale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Go with EGD parts and Henning trigger and your results might look more like this. I did zero polishing. And it’s cooking off CCI primers like a champ. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Buy one and you’ll find out! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Alex Gutt is selling his LimPros. One of them is under $1k and another is at $1100. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes... it is a EGW lightened hammer. It received the nitride/PVD ion bond treatment. Not sure if that's a different way of saying Melonited. I already sent a note to EGW and they quickly replied (on a Sunday of all things) that they will replace it.
  6. Broke my hammer. Just did a search and was surprised to see nothing posted regarding the Cammer Hammer. Was anybody bold enough to try one out in their beloved Single Stack gun? Seems gimmicky. My first option is http://www.1911store.com/tunedtriggergroupbcg-proseries.aspx. Any other suggestions?
  7. I have 3 types of 9mm bullets to try out: SNS 135 FP Xtreme 135 FP Xtreme 147 RN I have all the common 9mm proven powders to choose from. Does anyone have a good load for the CZ Scorpion? -
  8. Hi Joel,

    I just saw your Slow Motion vid with the CFD comp.

    Are you shooting that 9mm Major or 38SC? 

    If 9mm Major, would you share your load?



    1. andersonj55126


      9mm major

      115 JHP  PD

      Hs6   8.7857 gn



      kkm barrel with no holes

    2. BrknCylncr
  9. If you're Indy 400 spot is availabe, I'm considering in buying it. 

    1. Kraj


      It is still available. I really wish I could go, but im being forced into work

    2. BrknCylncr


      I know the feeling... I wasn't able to competitively shoot until after I retired from the Army. I need to talk it over with the wife during lunch and I'll get back with you soon.

    3. BrknCylncr


      Matt- My wife reminded me that my youngest son's birthday is on Saturday. And on Sunday, she wants me to stick around and watch the Springfree trampoline we got him (and the other kids) get built, in case we ever move.

      I tried to break away... wasn't having it. Sorry, best of luck finding a shooter!



  10. I'm interested in your Open Gun. As a GSPC shooter, I have a ton of Glock stuff (Prod, Limited and Open). Let me know what you are looking for in the realm of Glock, so I can attempt to get the price of this gun to drop a bit. Thanks!

    1. Shmella


      Not sure if you got my pm, Im interested in production and limited guns. Let me know what you were thinking to offer.

      Thanks, Dustin.

  11. There's an Indiana Level 2 event in June: https://practiscore.com/2016-indiana-section-championship/register
  12. I'm using the K10 setup with the Henning bases, Grams followers and springs. I'm able to get 20 in the mag. You know there is 20 because you can see the brass base at the bottom-left of the mag. The mag does bulge so I used a knife sharpening stone to grind down the magwell entry (must remove magwell). It took about an hour worth for grinding both sides and then polished it up with a dremel. My OAL is at 1.135. I thought about lengthening it, but after reading some of these posts perhaps I'm good with what I got. It helps to grind down the pointy part (where the pin is) of the Henning basepad as that could hit the back of the magwell and make it tough to lock up. Of course, I didn't think of this stuff on my own. Another shooter who shoots the same gun taught me. So far no hiccups like what I saw in that video. I just bought this gun from this forum about a month ago. I've used it in three outdoor and three indoor matches since then.
  13. I got the M3K. First shotgun I've ever owned and very impressed. i went with the +6 Nordic Tube, MOA follower, MOA dual-sided enlarged safety, and Matchsaver. I've ran into the failure to fire issue and I'm going have to try adamriser's fix and see if some loctite does the trick. I want to know if the recoil reducer is worth the $49 or if there are other aftermarket versions available. ALSO, does anyone have a Benelli M2 compatibility list between M3K and the M2 parts? Thanks in advance !
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