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  1. Kyle F., This post is in regards to your question about my reloads. My reloads have always been sub-par in comparison to my shooting until Matt Burkett taught me the correct way to perform a reload. I spent a week and a half with Matt Burkett where he not only cleaned up my loads but also other problems with my shooting. This was the week prior to the scene where they show me shooting on his new video. I have always had two problems with my reload. The first one was my magazines sticking and failing drop efficiently. The second was that I would always have a bad grip on the magazines while trying to perform a reload. The fix to my first problem was EASY. I discovered that my hand,because of my high grip on the gun, was preventing the mag release from being pushed completely through. I had the tail end of the mag release grinded off to allow clearance from my hand. The fix to my second problem was the way I gripped the magazines. I would always grip them way to high up on the magazine and not enough on the base of the mag. Once I trained myself to do that, I no longer had problems finding the magwell. I know these are my personal problems with reloads but maybe some of you have similar problems as I did. You also asked about if I bring my gun close into my body on my reloads. I focus on keeping the gun infront of my face when loading so I can see the magazine go into the gun. It also makes it easier for me to pop the gun right back on the target because it is still in line with the target in front of my eyes. The best way to learn the proper load is to watch Matt's video on reloads. He is awesome at making reloads. Kyle, I hope I answered you question suficiently. Blake
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