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  1. CGoodwin

    Night site for CZ P01?

    CZ Custom has nice tritium front sights available. Trijicon labeled.
  2. CGoodwin

    P 10 F Finding

    I had a couple of P-10F's and the polymer is definitely lighter in the US made guns. I had no mag drop issues, but I could easily bend the grip at the mag well with light squeeze pressure. Did not fill me with great confidence!
  3. I shoot a SP-01 Tactical in SSP. The advantage is the ability to start in the "half cocked" position resulting in a slightly shorter and lighter pull. Plus I have always shot DA/SA decocker pistols and never put in the time on manual safety guns.
  4. Hello! I am a huge Sphinx pistol fan and have three of them. I was never able to get my hands on the Standard length pistol before they went belly up. Anyone have any experience with the new Phoenix Fusion Standard pistols?
  5. Just ordered the AimCam Pro 2 to supplement my 3rd person video. All true on the 3rd person view for footwork. First time I recorded I saw myself shuffle stepping with a little skip. Very slow and inefficient. Now I spend time at the range actually working on moving!
  6. I have been going on a scope-a-palooza of late, trying everything out there. I have shot using the Trijicon Accupower 1-8 Mil, Vortex Viper PST II 1-6, and most recently, the Nightforce NX8 1-8 Mil. Accupower - Not daylight level illumination here in South Texas. Otherwise very nice with great glass and a useful reticle. A little heavy for my needs. Vortex - Great illumination with the center dot nearly Aimpoint bright. Eye box was a little unforgiving for a 1-6 and the SFP reticle was rather fine for my eyes. Nightforce - I thought I had found my scope until I went to zero at 100 yards today and found that the FFP reticle with the 3MOA center dot looked like a freaking manhole cover over my target at that distance. Best glass and features of the three scopes in a very compact and lightweight form factor with a daylight bright 1x center dot. And the search continues...
  7. CGoodwin

    75 01 decocker

    I actually do not believe the decocker is inferior in tuning capacity. I have a nicely tuned SP-01 Tactical and a P-01 that I will put up against any other FPSB gun. Now, when we get into Shadow vs. non-Shadow we are in a whole 'nother ballpark!
  8. I absolutely love my SP-01 Tactical with the highly tuned Cajun Gun Works Pro kit. Such a light trigger an incredibly short reset!
  9. Sounds good, thanks for the advice all!
  10. Has anyone used a P229 in IDPA CCP? Is there any way to cut down the width of the gun to fit the box? Love mine, and would enjoy it in CCP. Too small for SSP.
  11. CGoodwin

    CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    For some reason I have always preferred three dot sights on my guns. I have tried i-dot, Heine Straight 8's and all the Dawson style black rear/FO front sights. I tried the TruGlo TFX Pro sights for a while and still have them on my carry P-01, but found that the front sight was too large for further/smaller targets on my competition gun. I finally ended up picking up the CZ Custom Trijicon HTAC rear with the gold ring front sight set and I love it.
  12. I heartily recommend the "shoot it as it is" approach to the gun as you are learning the sport. Honestly, getting every upgrade and tweak for a new gun can actually work against you. A pack of snap caps or an O ring with lots of dry fire practice, a case of ammo for live fire practice, and the time you spend will all be more valuable to your performance than the upgrades at this stage.
  13. CGoodwin


    Yes. I had some issues with a broken front sight pin and fired the gun without one installed and lost my factory bushing at the range. I picked up the 10X and installed it with no issue. It did bring the 25 yard bench groups down a bit, but nothing too extreme in my experience.
  14. Just curious. I believe that the Pro Tek II is legal for the CCP division as CCP needs to meet the standards of ESP, not SSP. So the production numbers do not apply, correct?
  15. Interesting! I just installed a SCS in my SBR. I'll have to do an A/B comparison at the range.
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