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  1. And in competition the velocity difference of the 40 vs 45 can mean the difference between an "A" and a "C" on moving targets.
  2. The problem is that they also ban things like light rails or full length dust covers etc because it's not in the "Original Design" and they are very strict on some mod specs, then they become lax on the caliber? What made me brought this up is some is because they (IPSC) are contradicting their reasons. They say that 40 has come to be the norm for todays standards and one must understand that some can't afford to have two guns or more (1 for defense & 1 for comp). But isn't having a light attached to the gun (Hence the Light rail) also the norm for a good house defense pistol? Then why ban it?
  3. Anybody out there have the same sentiments? I think it's a genre thing. But if they call it "Classic" Division then why do they allow calibers that were not in the "Classic" design to be major. (Talking about .40)
  4. Good Day! I've been reading the topics regarding the different bullet weights but it seems that it's all focused on recoil. How about the way it hits on moving targets? Let us say a 200grn vs 230grn both on 170PF, will the slower velocity of the heavier one greatly affect the way one should shoot moving targets? How about when it comes to longer distances? When you are zeroed to about 20mtrs and engage target about 30mtrs, does one have to compensate that much on the heavier bullet?
  5. Is the burnt mark on one side of the cartridge case, or all around? I get burnt marks on one side from factory Remington 9mm 115 grain green box ammo - doesn't seem to be a problem??? Jack Just one side.
  6. I'm using 4.0 vihtavuori n310. Is this (Shells getting burned)any indication of a problem? Will putting an EGW Flat FPS help?
  7. One last thing my shells also don't bulge up. I'm just concerned about the shells getting burned.
  8. Good Day! I would like to ask, what are the signs of early unlocking in 1911s? When the spent shells get burnt marks (About a third to half of the length of the case), is my gun unlocking early? Also I noticed lots of powder residue on my forearm, kinda like cracked black pepper. I don't see any skid marks on my primer though. It's a Colt gov 45acp, shooting 200grn 175PF ammo, I use 23lbs MS and 13lbs RS shooting ammo. Thanks!
  9. Good Day! I've changed my recoil spring lately from ISMI 14 lbs to Wolfe 14lbs variable. What I noticed is that the Wolfe was much heavier. Thinking the ISMI was probably lighted because of use I ordered a new one and a 15lbs for a friend when it arrived I tried it on and still the the Wolfe was heavier. We tried the 15lbs on but still the 14lbs Wolfe was heavier. What gives? What brand has the correct weight rating? Yes, I read the difference between variable and constant springs. But I think I would need more help. Can anyone clue me in? And what brand and type would be better to use? Thanks!
  10. Then what will one gain from delaying the unlocking? If one would put the Un-modified Square FPS on a Government 45 acp, how light can one go with the recoil spring if all it shoots are just barely major (170 PF)?
  11. Good Day! Can anyone enlighten me about his part. I've been thinking of putting this one in my gun but I'm kinda skeptic about it's advantage (if any). According to the brochure it is for delaying unlocking. But, is putting heavier Main Spring be just the same?
  12. Thanks for the input guys! Yeah I think I'll stick with the 14 lbs. I chanced upon a shooter using 12.5lbs and I asked if I can barrow his spring. When I tried it did not have that much of a difference when it comes to the sight return, but I do feel the impact of the slide to the frame is stronger.
  13. How about pure ATF? Does anybody use that or do you really have to mix it with motor oil? Have liters of this stuff and would hate to see it go to waste.
  14. I don't know why but I shoot better with this PF, I've tried lower PFs but my hits are just not the same specially on moving targets.
  15. Good Day! Need your inputs here. What would you say will be the lightest recoil spring possible for this set up without putting shock buff and still prevent excessive frame battering. Slide- Colt Series 80 Bo-mar rear sight un-lightened slide Main Spring- 17 lbs. ISMI Ammo- 210/200 grn head Fps will vary but target Power Factor is 180 Barrel- Stock Colt Bushing type barrel with Wilson FLGR I've tried 14lbs and now I'm wondering if I can still go down to a lighter one. Thanks!
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