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  1. I used to have a trojan. Nuff said. To qualify, it was 40 cal. 45 will likely run better.
  2. The standard sti 126mm magazine basepads seat flush with my magwell in my edge. I am looking for a basepad that wil extend the length of the magazine for better mag changes but will still fit in the gun. Any manufacturer suggestions please?
  3. Just happened to a fellow shooter here. Sent back to sti, they replaced the sight for fre and even tuned the gun. Turn aournd <7 days. Yeah sti :-)
  4. just got an eflyer from caspian for gen I wide body for $35. doesn't get any more cost effective than that.
  5. maui2011


    I shoot an 1187 for trap/sporting clays. Usually a couple hundred rounds a week. I have ran approximately 3000+ rounds with no problems less 1 FTE. I think it is a phenominal gun with a ton of aftermarket stuff that I can pimp it out for 3 gun. Everything is relatively cheap since the model has been around seemingly forever. Gladly recommend. As I am doing more trap and less 3 gun, I will gladly trade you my 11-87 for your browning o/u. Never-the-less, I think I will always have an 1100 or 11-87. Don't mind the little extra cleaning. One of the best for the money and one of the softest shooting on the market.
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