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  1. Works fine with factory 20s and 30s same ammo works in the 20s and 30s but when I put the extension on it pukes. I actually don't believe CZ custom that I am the only one having a problem with their extensions.
  2. Has anybody had any luck making these run . I talked to CZ custom they say I'm the only one that Is having problems with them. The mag spring doesn't keep up or The angle of the bullet stack stops it from moving up in time. I can't get any more than three rounds to run before it jams the gun.
  3. Duke Nukem

    Front sight loose.

    what size is the expansion pin that holds in the sight? Mine fell out.
  4. I just chronoed these loads out of an Accu Shadow. All at 1.15 with an Extreme 147 bullet. 3.1 Clays 131 PF 3.4 Ramshot comp 135 PF 3.4 N320 135PF This was at 57 degrees outside.
  5. I don't really believe this, I shoot a fair amount of 454 and I use the same howard leight earmufs I use for uspsa. I find the 38supers from open guns to still be louder/sharper than the 454. None of it is causing hearing damage through the muffs. Maybe if your hunting buddies didn't have any ear protection but ear and eye protection are required at any match I have been to in the past 10 years.
  6. WOW I have never seen anyone shoot 100 or more rounds of 454 casull in a day. Good luck and maybe wear a motorcycle helmet so you dont smack yourself toward the end of the day.
  7. 3.8 clays @ 1.18 oal. Gives me 169 PF out of a 5inch 1911 usin 180 grain extremes. I have shot over 40k of these with no drama.
  8. "nobody can get the trigger to be nearly as good....not bad, but not as good" This has not been my experience at all. I have an Angus Shadow and I have a Stock III that was built by Stoegers gunsmith. The Stock III has less than a 2 lb single and less than a 6lb double. The shadow is a pound heavier on both. And as far as reliablity I never really cleaned either of them the entire season just added more lube, they both are totally reiable all season that way. Back on topic. I will buy the fist Shadow II I can find.
  9. You need the light Xtreme hammer spring. Mine came with the medium sping and the trigger is noticeably heavier than the non extreme model I have that was upgraded to all xtreme parts by a gunsmith. I think they do that so it will fire factory ammo out of the box.
  10. It will be: 7lb 12oz DA 3lb 5oz SA Using a Lyman digital trigger pull gauge.
  11. When do we find out if this will become a division? Provisional or otherwise.
  12. Duke Nukem

    Carry Optic P09

    Im not defending the Glock because I have no experience with the MOS version. But the CZ is cobbled together at this point and doesn't even have a rear sight dovetail after the Dot cut is made. Also the front sight is removed and left as a blank slot. Hopefully future versions of the CZ will be more complete.
  13. Only they weren't using nooks. It was all on paper with carbon copies.
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