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  1. I really like my Nordic tube due to not having a top rail, very thin
  2. With regards to dry fire training in general in rifles. I have had the Mantis Blackbeard on loan for a while now ( the kit that replaces the AR BCG with an auto reset training bolt ) It is a very useful tool for dry fire practice. Easy to bring to the range also to run some reps before going live. This one is the non laser version and I am also looking at getting the visible laser version and some laser targets for longer distance etc. Why visible, I dont like it but cell phone target apps dont work with IR what I understand. But in any case the Blackbeard brings a lot for a reasonable cost and is something that I was heavily looking into some time ago. Works pretty well and a good investment even with regular rifle ammo prices, not to mentioned what you guys are looking at now..
  3. Hi, No, if going with a 1-6x then IMHO either the Z6i or the Kahles ( lets say one would get a good deal etc. ) But overall I would recommend the Z8i as the best one.
  4. The best for 3-Gun / IPSC Rifle right now, my personal opinion ( backed up with what the top is using at least on this side of the pond ) 1-6x, Swarovski Z6i or Kahles K16i 1-8x Swarovski Z8i Steiner is coming out with a new 1-8x, took a look during Enforce Tac expo in Germany, this one had FFP reticle with a dot far too big for sporting use. However, it is quite likely it will be available in SFP. Looking at it otherwise, if it has a good SFP reticle, it will be a serious contender.
  5. For me it this is really simple, though not always easy What did the dot do during the shot or fast double? Does not really matter if it is 3 meters to the target or 100 m off hand shot/shots You need to know where the shot went, the old shot calling thing, regardless of speed or distance. What can help in addition to proper training and stance, is of course a very good muzzle brake, adjustable gases and a light carrier, in my case an aluminium one.
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