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  1. This 366 rounds. 18 stages. 3 day shoot. 1/2 day format. Registration some point on Wednesday. Somewhere in Tulsa. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 4 That's the definitive kind of info I like to see three weeks before a NATIONAL match.
  2. That would be a biiiiig puddle lol Really?!? It was good seeing ya again Corey. Congrats on your finish.
  3. Your diet may be the big picture issue but your RO really f*cked you there. Ummm .... No
  4. 9 weeks? Wow. JKBullets.com is shipping within a couple days.
  5. I can tell you that J&K Bullet Casters isn't having any problem getting lead.
  6. Mitch Harrington

    Gan's ?

    It shows closed for me now as well. It doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy about the issues we need to work out.
  7. Mitch Harrington

    Gan's ?

    His website didn't say closed when I opened it. Just yesterday I received an open gun from him. It wasn't the quality of work I have gotten from him with the other two guns he built for me.
  8. From what I understand, he spends quite a bit of time at Heartland Outdoors in Edmond. Might try reaching him there.
  9. Well said and greatly appreciated John. I have decided to shoot both matches next year instead of working. Honestly, I will feel guilty and a little selfish for doing so, but I have absolute faith someone from this thread will take my place. Who's it gonna be?
  10. Seeing how they have been conducting business for the last several months, I can't see him feeling too bad. Just sayin
  11. Im new to this sport having only been shooting for three years. In that time I have worked two Handgun Nationals and one Multigun Nationals. I feel I have enough experience now to make the following statements. Every stage I have ever worked at a Nationals match had just enough staff to run it. The "compensation " is the furthest thing from the definition of the word. Its a money losing proposition EVERY trip I have made. I have good news though. Those that are complaining about how it is currently done are VERY welcome to volunteer their time and resources to USPSA next year to help offset the "over spending".
  12. Greet everybody with a smile on your face and murder in your heart. - Vince Oneil
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