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  1. I may be missing something. How does a crimp die leave a ring that far down the case? All you are doing is removing the flair for seating. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Indoor range today to test new mags. Ran very well, absolutely no problems. Brass was not scared or beaten up. None of the mags held the slide open which is no problem. Just passing that along. Loads were 147 gr zero JHP to OAL 1.165 over 3.2grs of Tightgroup.
  3. Take a look at your fired brass. Mine looked like it had made many trips to the range. Really scratched up. It would chamber, but paid a price. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. I just finished stoneing the edges. All are smooth. Range trip will give the results. All the practice rounds chamber. Not a sure thing, just an indicator. Test drive soon. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. I have loaded 147 bayou coated bullets. They mic at 357 and cause me problems putting enough bell one case. They do make a bulge ring in the case, but plunk. Just do not like the looks of the finished product. I am going to give the 158's a try as I have a pretty good supply of them.
  6. I foolishly assumed after reading several posts stating "ran great out of the box" they had found the magic formula making tinkering, adjusting, bending unnessary to make the gun run. I have a few more to go, and then back to the range.
  7. Just received some the new STI mags for my STI 9mm DVC. First observations are they are really rough on the brass. Looks like sharp edges on the feed lips are leaving considerable amount of scaring that may or may not polish out. If you don't reload it is a problem for someone else. I polished the edges of the feed lips and that seems to have made a difference. Anyone with similar experience and possible cure, I am more willing to listen.
  8. I use Lizzard bedding. Walmart, cheap always in stock and works well. I put a cap of mineral spirits and a cap of new finish car polish. In a tumbler no dust clean brass. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. XB40

    Zero 230 fmj

    Oops, decimal in the wrong place. That is the reason my wife forbids me from touching the check book. They are loaded at 1.26. New load is 1.24 for the Max.
  10. XB40

    Zero 230 fmj

    I have been loading zero 230 fmj 45 over 4.5gr bullseye 126.5 oal. Works fine in a colt1911 and a Sig 220 X6. This load will not chamber in a Sig 1911 Max. Too long. I can load the 230's at 124.5 oal it chambers fine. Anyone see pressure problems with this load?
  11. XB40

    Sig x gun

    Options are few and far between. Looks like DAA, when they have the correct insert. Thanks for the assistance.
  12. XB40

    Sig x gun

    I just looked at DAA, I didn't see a clearance or I missed it.
  13. XB40

    Sig x gun

    Comp shooting, but not do or die type. Hobby type, for enjoyment. I have been using a Walther Q5 and a 1911. Blade tech for both. I fell into this gun and it shoots so well, I have to use it. So far, not much luck on 6inch holsters. Friend of mine shoots serious with 226 x5. I am going to try to modify one of his, but not sure it will work. He is using a double stack and mine is a single. Might work until I can locate one made for the gun.
  14. Anyone using a sig 226x5 or6? If so what type holster are you using, and where did you get it. I am using a P220 x6 45 and have not been able to located anything. Thanks. Xb
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