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  1. What was your comment's I didn't see anything.

  2. Hi Darrell. I'm hoping you can get me on the right path so to speak. Do you have any load data for the Zero 147 JHP. More to the point, the proper OAL. I shoot an STI Eagle and use VV N320. Thanks for your post, they certainly are helpful.

  3. I've just ordered a case of Montana Gold 124 Gr JHP's. Just wondering if anyone has the reloading data for titegroup powder and the case OAL? Thanks
  4. I certainly appreciate all of the feed back. I spoke with Benny and was informed that I had purchased the wrong gun to start with. Considering the source I'm inclined to agree with him. He suggested selling this one and purchasing the M2 Field with a 21 or 24 inch barrel. Benny says it's a completely different animal in regard to it's factory set up, ie the recoil spring and numerous other faults as a competition shotgun. The bottom line, in 40 years of firing one type of weapon or another I've never had a gun beat me, or everyone else that I've handed it to like this one does
  5. I have recently purchased, brand new, a Benelli M2 tactical with the "Compfertech Stock". However, after a friend and I took turns firing this thing we were sore for days, and that was with light target loads. Any advice on reducing the recoil.
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