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  1. He did say he had a heavy crimp (sounds personal) The targets were straight up and he was shoooting square to them. I'll pass this info along Thanks Too much crimp has caused keyholing for me too.
  2. Dillon has their manuals online, you can download the 650 Manual and have the whole list. The list you need starts on page 44 in the current manual
  3. EXACTLY! I have a "reflector" light that I shine on my 650, set to "cast a shadow" about where the powder should be in the case. Give me a good visual indication that everything is ok. It's a little slower, but being sure is better than faster
  4. On the N.E. side of Atlanta (Gwinnett County) there's David's Gun Room (Norcross / Duluth area) and Bullseye in Lawrenceville. Prices at David's are a little high, but the selection is decent and most of the guys there actually reload and use the stuff. Prices at Bullseye are better but the selection is a little more limited. Thanks, I'll give them a try. One bonus if you go to Bullseye in Lawrenceville, is that we have a Match there every Wednesday @ 6:00! see gpsl.org for details
  5. I can't believe I had never seen that! Thanks for posting the links! Amazing clarity of thought.
  6. +1000 One of my "hot buttons" is when people try to "make it their own", buy going all around a note. POP songs can be your own, but the National Anthem is OUR own and should be sung properly. So my favorite is anyone who shows proper respect for it!!!
  7. Carl

    SVI tubes

    Thanks guys.. I Spoke to SVI yesterday, and asked if they had heard of these problems. They had not. HOWEVER they did acknowledge that the metal was thicker than previously used, and that the plastic Grips themselves vary greatly. The very reason that are going to an aluminum grip. They did suggest "tweaking" the mag in a vice. As HSMITH pointed out, I am somewhat reluctant to try that.. I had a thought to try what I have done before on Glocks. Wrap the mags in a sheet of paper, heat the inside of the grip with a hair dryer, to get them warm (not HOT). and insert the mag, let everything cool. Has anyone else tried this trick and did it work for you? I see perils there as well
  8. Carl

    SVI tubes

    Any tips on a way to do that? I've "marked" a tube with Black and I can see where it's rubbing. I just did not want to go "banging" away on a $100 tube. Thanks, Carl
  9. Carl

    Dawson Patriot

    16? that's ALL? wow and I'm one of the 16? good ole' 007 Now I've gotta treat it as a collector's item
  10. Precisely what I think... I forgot who said it, but it was something to the effect that all DEI will have left is a museum
  11. STI Magazines - Spacers SVI Magazines - No Spacers Carl
  12. Carl

    Gun Free Zones

    Where did they work that it was OK to search the car? That is illegal in most places without consent, probably criminal even. Concealed is concealed if it is legal, I could care less what they post. One way they get around it is that since Georgia is a "Right to Work State", they ask to search you vehicle. If you refuse, they terminate your right to work there.. Kinda walking the line, but the other way is that since you are on their property they have a right to search your vehicle, again if you refuse, you are terminated. I know Georgia Carry is working to overturn those provisions, Let's hope we can. Carl
  13. John, I am so sorry. I am not eloquent enough to express how much. As so many here have said Debi was so loved and valued to all of us. We share your grief. If there is anything we can do for you, let us know. Carl Mongrue
  14. Bifocals were mentioned earlier, I have gotten Bifocal Safety glasses here. For my old eyes they work pretty well. And an added bonus is that I can actually see what I'm doing Carl
  15. I still don't understand why they won't sell to people in Tennessee, Georgia or Alabama Carl
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