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  1. Hi all. I have an X5 Legion with the standard tungsten infused medium grip frame. Sig sells a small grip frame for the X5, and I am thinking about trying it: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-x-series-grip-module-9mm-40-auto-357sig-small-black.html This frame is NOT tungsten infused. Does anyone know the weight of this non-tungsten infused grip frame? I called Sig customer service, but they did not know. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have been searching the web for the last 20 minutes and cannot find the answer to this question. In the Carry Optics division, what is the magazine capacity limit? 10+1? Thanks in advance!
  3. I stepped away from competitive handgun shooting about 15 years ago. I came back this year and discovered my 15 year older eyes are not as conducive to shooting as they once were. I have vision problems, both near and and far (no astigmatism thankfully), and I shoot iron sights. My optometrist made me a pair of RX shooting glasses with the right lens focused on the front sight and the left lens focused on the target. They work better than no RX glasses, and better than just readers, but are not optimal. So I to purchase a red dot. It is on the way. My question for you red dot shooters wi
  4. Hi all. I am looking to purchase my first PCC. I will use it as a truck gun and for some plinking fun, so the small length is a must. I have basically narrowed it down to these two very different guns. I have not shot either, and do not have the opportunity to shoot either before I buy. I would appreciate hearing any experiences you have had with these guns, and which you might think is better for my intended uses. Thanks in advance! Frank
  5. Hi all. I searched the 3-4 retailers I normally use for my reloading supplies, and not a one had small pistol primers. Any idea who may have some in stock? Thanks in advance! Frank
  6. My bad! 125g RN. Sorry about that. Edited the original post. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. I have been loading Berry's and RMR 124g plated bullets with W231 powder. My OAL is 1.126 and my width at the crimped case mouth is .382. I use 4.6g for a full power load and 4.2g for a softer load. I have not loaded 9mm coated led bullets before, but I just purchased some Blue Bullets 125g RN, and I have a couple of questions. I loaded a couple of Blues without powder. Without touching my dies in my Dillon SDB, the Blues are coming out at a 1.113 length, even though the Blue bullets are .013 longer than the RMRs (.600 v .587). The width is .381. Question1: Do you se
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