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  1. Probably need to look at upgrading to a swaro
  2. I shot lead through stock glock 22 barrel until I went to a glock match and couldn't figue out why my gun was shooting so far off. Turns out the leading was changing the point of impact about 3 inches right at about 20 feet. I probably shot 5K of laser cast lead through that barrel without a barrel failure up to that point. But I decided to switch to jacketed shortly after that. Can't really say what the difference would be for a 9mm.
  3. Practice? I thought that was what the matches are for.....
  4. You should probably get a good reloading manual first. Shotgun reloading is different from metallic case reloading because each component is a variable in the pressure equation. That's why there are so many recipes for loads. Each brand and style of hull or wad has a different volume and shot charges are all measured by volume instead of weight. So the1 1/8 oz of shot thrown may actually weigh less or maybe you can't form a proper crimp. What fits in a Federal Gold Cup may not fit in a Federal paper base. Also if you get a press with a resized, you will be money ahead. I've never had any problems with either Remington, Winchester, or Federal primers.
  5. goat68


    A lot of matches out west have done away with buckshot including the MGM Ironman. I experimented with several different shot sizes, powders , hulls, and wads. Seems like the hull to wad choice dictated the pellet size and number. I could get all the pellets in some hulls but they would not chamber check so they got cut open. I started with 00 in Federal Gold Medal hulls and ended using Remington premier green and gold hulls and #1 and #4 buck. I never bought any clear Fiocchi hulls to try but that would be the way to go since you will end up spending more trying to figure out a load than if you just go to the store and buy a box of loaded buck. You didn't want to get your loads mixed up with bird shot or you could get in trouble at matches. I ended up loading about 300 rounds for me and my buddies and still have about 200 for the zombie apocalypse.
  6. Have you rubbed the inside of the mag slot of the gun and the magazines with a silicone cloth? Another thing I've done is to cut a long thin piece of cardboard, like from a cereal box. I then fold it in half over the top of the magazine and insert in the gun before placing in safe. You won't be able to get the magazine all the way in.
  7. All stage videos uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SinistralRifleman What are you shooting? Is that a pistol caliber carbine? How was it on the long range stuff? Point me at another thread if you've got one going.I was using a BAP 9mm (MP5 clone www.brethrenarms.com). I used it out to 50 yards on the closer range rifle portions. I used it for all the bonus pistol targets on stage 4.The rifle stages that had double spinners I used a Windham Weaponry SRC-308 (3 stages) the other rifle stages I used my .223 CAV-15 (2 stages). Stage 6 I used it for everything except the slug plates and pigeon flippers. Don't forget to tell him you were in trooper class because the pistol caliber carbine is not allowed in other divisions.
  8. Sad and shocking news. Rick was a great guy and great supporter of matches. My condolences and prayers to the family.
  9. The issue could be the used magazines and not the generation. You never know what you are getting with used mags. If the magazine was in a gun that went KB then they could be permanently deformed as to not drop free.
  10. I only wear gloves when running a pistol caliber carbine and a saiga 12 (only one match a year). Gloves hang up on the lifter when reloading shotgun so they only come out for resetting steel targets.
  11. Travis thanks for the clarification. Smaller ammo can will make the match more challenging and hopefully more fun. Pack will be heavier for sure. Maybe it's time to start working out. NAAAH!!!! Why start now. Huff and puff at the match is always sweet. Stupid dummy was getting manageable then you needed to supersize him.
  12. The rules on the MGM Targets site says 7"x12"x9" or less than 756 cu in for this years match. I don't see any rule that allows a larger can for camping at the range so it appears to be the only size allowed at this point. The rule also says tall but the dimensions are not for a tall can. There was one ammo can that said 556 on it that looked about the right size at the local surplus store but I didn't have a tape so I can't say for sure. Midway has A2 cans right now for sale if you can't find any locally.
  13. The old rule had troopers using a double 50 cal can that was actually a mortar shell can. If you can't find an A2 ammo can then take the measurements and a tape measure with you when you shop. There's a 556 can that is close to the right dimensions. Nothin like packing around close to 1000 rounds and all your guns and snacks for 3 days.
  14. No magnification means you will be in limited at most matches. There is nothing wrong with being in limited as most competitors are in scoped tac and in an equipment race to get the next best thing. Scoped tac is not as much of an equipment race as open but it still exists. You will be in a class that has maybe 5% of the registrants instead of one that has 60%. You just need to practice so you can reload your shotgun, know your rifle holds and hit small steel with the pistol.
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