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  1. Pretty sure it’s #4, slide stop spring pin. It’s tapered on one end to aid insertion.
  2. Dan Wesson claims 42.3 oz. for the Specialist in 9mm. That must not include the magazine?
  3. Would a Dan Wesson Specialist 9mm have an advantage over the PM9 in competition due to the added weight of the rail? I am also looking at the Valor. All three have their strong points.
  4. Do you by any chance have the item number for the holster you bought? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have the Giraurd TriWay and mounted it to a 1/15 HP dayton motor spinning at 3000 rpm. I used a shaft coupler I found on Zoro.com, then I built a fixture from aluminum plate and wood. Seems to work well, although i haven't processed much brass. The trimmer is sharp and leaves a nice chamfer and bevel.
  6. I used an extended 75 series mag release on my Canik S-120. I think I got it at CZ Custom. It dropped right in.
  7. Has anyone found a local source (close to you) for a cotter pin/hair pin/retaining pin to hold the shell latch pin? I'd like to have some spare, just in case. I thought I would ask before I call Mossberg.
  8. I am curious as to how well the ramp cut for the magazine release works. I have small hands, short thumbs and have trouble dropping my mags. Does the 10-8 offer easier access than say a VZ grip with ramped cut? Anyone!
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