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  1. I am Not wearing a mask, "They" Who? decided what I have to do with out martial law being decreed? They want Bubble boy to run free and every one else protect him with restrictions? I pass on any club/organization willing to be so led. No one would have admitted to being so spineless 10 years ago.
  2. What does the suspect ammo do in other rifles?
  3. The smart people have told me repeatedly over the years, it's leadership that drives all these things.
  4. Speculating, but this may be of use on extruded powders for some of my purposes but the standard dillon set up has been quite adequate for decades on everything else.
  5. +1 Contact local clubs there and follow strictly. Chinese factor? Renting equipment at the range would be an option to me, after having visited a range there myself. They are very serious about guns.
  6. You're lucky with whatever you shoot and not only because you shoot better than most.
  7. After enjoying the long range characteristics of this cartridge, bite the bullet and buy adequate quantities of it, otherwise go back to its parent cartridge.
  8. This afternoon I marked off 400 yds with a good gps on a no parking sign. I could see the threaded 1/4 20 bolt on the back of the sign post (with supplied 25mm eyepiece) and thats gray on gray so I feel confident to see 7.62 on paper to 500 on a sunny day. I am super senior so my eyes ain't what you young guys have. Probably need more glass (objective lens) to see 600. Higher power usually dims the image just like rifle scopes that push the limits of their objective size. This scope has changeable eyepieces that change the power. My Tele Vue 40MM (38X) doesn't perform well on it (designed for 2" focusers with a 1.25 adapter) and my 10.5mm (146X) lanthanum dims the image. The 62X by the supplied 25mm seems to be a perfect choice all around. Going to the 1000yd range soon and see how it helps me learn to precision shoot with my 6.5 Creedmore gas gun build.
  9. The Celestron 100mm is a great scope but I like this having owned a dozen telescopes since the late 1960's. I can see flies at 300 yards easily. Link incorrect, The 127mm "Apex" Cassegrain Maksutov for $369 delivered will amaze you with it's image. For a $14 adapter put your DSLR on it, Clearly see bullet holes at 300-500 yards. Fits standard Photo tripod, excellent for terrestrial or star gazing. www.OrionTelescopes.com
  10. I shoot 180 but I really like 200. Availability/price has chosen for me in certain bullet styles. I have fallen to Jeff Cooper's belief that mass beats everything. The biggest stick. Within certain physics rules. I also have fallen to the rumor that John Browning actually designed the 1911 for a 200 grain.
  11. Nothings cheap in this sport but the advice to spend more money.
  12. I run better than 12K Russian thru a 16inch DPMS. Never a stuck case in semi auto,polymer and lacquer,only an accuracy one after the years. Replaced the barrel and now it isn't cheap anymore so I don't use it.
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