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  1. Thanks Sean for sharing what you know , this really helps us... extremely informative.
  2. I never saw or even think of this as showboating , like what gentlemanjim says i just rack the slide and catch the ammo the gun is already empty before i move my other hand to catch the ammo . I would find it very shallow for competitive shooters to think this as a showboating because theres nothing special about it. the only reason I do this is I dont like to drop my ammo on the ground its sometimes hard to find once its on the ground. especially the range where I shoot it has grass. So most of you think its showboating.? most think this is unsafe. do you also know that alot of people t
  3. I know in IDPA they dont allow this ammo catching after you shoot your stage for safety reason. , Some of shooters in USPSA /IPSC do this in the match, I recently was told by someone in local match that it is not allowed anymore even in USPSA. is that something new?
  4. hey can I still join ... A-66257 C-L-10 B-production my only problem is theres not much classifier in my area
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