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  1. i been using a dummy round without primer so i can visually confirm it is just a dummy .. I use white case brass so I can distinguish it better plus I use different colored bullet head than I normally load live rounds.. I dont really chamber them in and press the trigger, my purpose is just to dry fire / draw / change mag with those added weight which I though closely realistic when actually doing those process. hope this will help
  2. OK as promised .. Here is what I got so far. bullet= bayou 135 grain RN powder = N320 3.4 Grain primer = small magnum federal blue box(sorry thats the only one I have) mix brass of 9mm AOL 1.125 Gun = G-34 (factory barrel) makes 128 -130 PF soft recoil / less smoke perfect for dark stage/ keeps the barrel clean (really clean). Im happy about it.
  3. thanks, that data will help . at least that gives me an idea of safe starting load . I will post my data result once I tested it and achieve a 132-135 PF for glock 34
  4. hi .. I just got this nice bullet I heard lots of great things about it. did anyone had experience loading 135grain 9mm bayou with either n-320 or titegroup also im looking for its load for 147 grain bullet Im trying to findout which will be best / Im going to shoot glock 34. my reloader dies are set to 1.135 oal. any recommended load will be appreciated. thanks
  5. I just bought the 19 dollar stanley tool box with wheels / I figure out it looks durable to sit on and can hold my icebox below and many other junks then more stuff on top , is that the same one you are using? do u find it durable enough?
  6. I have seen few educational DVDs among those dvd I can tell that Saul Kirch is probably is the best but too bad He lives in Europe. But this is what I always hear from folks I shoot with that Manny Bragg is for them is the best . those are guys who experience taking instruction from numerous super GM / I was told that He tend to take his class from level to level : (you have to take his first course before moving to the next) . I have limited time and money to spend for this kind of class ... so I made some research I decided it has to be a 1:1 training . someone who shoot the same gun as I do ... Glock . I finally end up contacting Robert Vogel because of few reasons ... He is the best Production shooter , He is the best Glock shooter , and the bonus part is He is just within driving distance from where I am ... He lives in Ohio. I learned how he train . the reasons for his movements. He share to me what He do to gain advantage on every little things that most of us dont even see. He is certainly a very smart and a very nice person. my $600 training turned out to be a great investment. this young fellow pointed me to right direction. He is beyond my expectation. I wish I can say that I wanted to take another class with him . But I truelly believe that I dont need anyomore training from anyone . He gave me all the foundations that I need . I just have to do now is to keep it building.
  7. its still looks great thou lol . Im beginning to think maybe for a hoser stage I dont need a prescription glass.
  8. Thanks Sean for sharing what you know , this really helps us... extremely informative.
  9. thanks Greg I will experiment on that ... I have few removable prescription lense to play. but wont that make you dizzy or give you headache if your eyesight are not balance? or you just wear it just before the stage?
  10. I normally wear prescription glasses when I drive and also when I shoot. I have prescription oakley and some prescription rudyproject glasses , last week I bought a cheap sunglasses camera, first I was hesitant to use it in the match because I know my sight will be a little blurry with it, my first 3 stage I use my prescription glasses I made bad hits, so I said to myself my game is already a mess I will use my Sunglasses Camera so I can see what Im doing wrong. but something better happen Im actually kicking ass . I was shooting alot faster and my transition and accuracy is good too.. I was shooting Limited10 but I finished strong on combine result very competitive finish againts alot of better shooters in all division. my theory is that my eyes are alot faster wearing non prescription because that is my normal eyesight , ( im only -1.00 on both eyes I dont need glasses to within a 5 yard distance further than that its blurry ) so it seems I see the frontsight clear but blurry on target ... anyone else had experienced or notice this?
  11. I never saw or even think of this as showboating , like what gentlemanjim says i just rack the slide and catch the ammo the gun is already empty before i move my other hand to catch the ammo . I would find it very shallow for competitive shooters to think this as a showboating because theres nothing special about it. the only reason I do this is I dont like to drop my ammo on the ground its sometimes hard to find once its on the ground. especially the range where I shoot it has grass. So most of you think its showboating.? most think this is unsafe. do you also know that alot of people think that our sport is unsafe? that we may shoot ourself when we draw our guns? its nice to learn from this forum too that there is no written rule againts this in eiter IDPA or USPSA. I wont intentionally do it because I now learn that alot of competitive shooters think of these as showboating and feels uncomfortable with this . But if it happens that I do it in the match Its not my intention to showboat it just comeout what I was doing in practice.
  12. I know in IDPA they dont allow this ammo catching after you shoot your stage for safety reason. , Some of shooters in USPSA /IPSC do this in the match, I recently was told by someone in local match that it is not allowed anymore even in USPSA. is that something new?
  13. 9mmalpha

    Glock 24

    how do you load your ammo on G-24? do you use less powder compared to G-35, I currently use 200G montana 4.2 titegroup oal 1.12 for my G-35 it gives me about 170pf. someone told me I might need lesser powder and its more forgiving to recoil .
  14. That guy is a fighter. reminds me of my friend in a local indoor club where I started shooting , He only have one arm hes good and sometimes can beat everyone in the match, literally singlehandedly beat us... He complaints if the stage involves too much reloading , what a whinner lol .. Im trying to convince him to play uspsa , Im still hoping he will. Hes a nice person too.
  15. yes ... most of the time its available hehehe / Actually I think magnum primer is louder , that is just my observation , but of course i cant confirm it I may had been bias if i knew im using magnum primer.
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