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  1. Faster transitions, and entry into the box. You could save a second entering into the box. You run a lot faster than I do/can. But you waste a second or so getting to the shooting. Start slowing down about 4-5 steps before you get to the box and be looking at the target with gun up and on target as soon as the foot that is still out side the box lifts off the ground you should be shooting. This feels goofy and feels slower but the timer proves differently. You also seemed to be very deliberate with your shots on the first array vs the second array. I am not a huge fan of falling out of the box, finish the shot and get moving. I ran this classifier in April 6.81 seconds 55 points. 8.0764HF. and I botched up the draw.
  2. T1-T3 (pronounced T1 through T3) could definitely be seen as implying an order. This is what I was getting at with the El Pres and other classifiers that say Tx-Ty
  3. Well that makes sense. So in that case 13-04 procedure was written this way intentially? So a lefty has a slight disadvantage, because if he turns to his gun side he has a further swing to T1, and if he turns to his weak side he has to turn farther to T1 than a right handed shooter? Any of us can have some type of "disadvantage" in one stage or another. I don't shoot left side of barricades well, but leftys may have an advantage there. There was a stage at a Level II in September that required two head-box shots around a wall on the left side, requiring leaning inward, and that was a bear for right-handers but likely easier for the leftys. Gotta practice everything, and the disadvantages start to diminish. All good points. Just thought it was a little odd. So we shot CM13-04 correctly then. I just have a feeling that not all are shooting it that way. Just got me thinking is all which isn't a bad thing LOL!
  4. Well that makes sense. So in that case 13-04 procedure was written this way intentially? So a lefty has a slight disadvantage, because if he turns to his gun side he has a further swing to T1, and if he turns to his weak side he has to turn farther to T1 than a right handed shooter?
  5. That's my point look at some of the other wording in the classifiers. If 13-04 must be shot in string two the way it is written then all the classifiers should be shot in the same manner. Examples in previous post. I have been shooting the El Pres the wrong way or at least not according to what is written the same for times two. El pres and Times Two. "In any order" is not written any where in the stage procedure. So the way I read shoot T1-T3 is you are to shoot T1,T2,T3.......and so on??
  6. How about CM99-10 times Two. STAGE PROCEDURE From Box A engage only T1-T3 with two rounds each. From Box B engage only T4-T6 with two rounds each. Start in either Box A or Box B. Upon start signal, from the starting box engage the appropriate targets. Move to the remaining box and engage the appropriate targets. Does this mean from box A you have to engage T1-T3 ( near to far)in that order? And from box B T4-T6 (far to near) in that order? Doesn't say "in any order" in the stage procedure on times two or the el pres.
  7. So does that mean you can't shoot the el pres T3-T1 or any other classifier that says shoot T1-Tx?
  8. I agree. It was decided by our SC/CRO that T1 was to be engaged first. Even the lefty said looks like it is to be shot that way....
  9. This is Classifier CM13-04 The Roscoe Rattle. String 1: On signal, turn and engage T2 with 6 rounds only, from within area A. String 2: On signal, turn and engage T1 with 6 rounds only. Perform a mandatory reload and engage T3 with six rounds only. All shots fired from within area A. On string 2 Can you shoot T3 first then reload and shoot T1? Reason I ask because we shot this a while back and the decision was you had to shoot T1 then T3. But thinking about this on the CM99-11 El Pres and others an order is given to shoot the targets. Upon start signal, turn then draw and from Box A engage T1-T3 with only two rounds per target, then perform a mandatory reload and from Box A engage T1-T3 with only two rounds per target. I shoot T3-T1 after the reload on this classifier and never been told I couldn't shoot it that way.
  10. Could be the disconnect rubbing in the cut out of the slide. I use the EGW disconnect eliminates this problem. Also you can get a scrapper from brownells that makes the cut in the slide deeper to prevent this from happening. Do not shorten the disconnect!
  11. bkeeler

    STI Edge40 SW

    FYI I measured a new heavy recoil master, it came out to 11.2lbs.
  12. This is different for everyone. Wide open targets I focus on the target out to 15, 20yds. More difficult shots you need more sight/trigger control. 15yd head shot I focus more on the sight and Trigger pull. You need to find out what gives you the best HF for each target type......
  13. noun 1. a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may qualify to compete. "the venue for the British Open" adjective 1. allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up. verb 1. move or adjust (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and view.
  14. Heck, year one is still fun. It is year 7 or 8 where it starts getting really annoying Yes, I am finding that out! I run an outlaw match too in an indoor range. No, I have no interest in getting that range Afiliated we are to limited in the indoor setting.
  15. You would have to make sure that the plated were all painted prior to each shooter. Evidence of a hit should count the same as if the plate fell, just like evidence of a hit counts in Steel Challenge. Yes, I know that doesn't take power factor into account on poppers, etc., but most local level 1 matches don't chrono anyway. Is it completely legal, per the rules? No. Could you set up a classifier with such a configuration? Aboslutely not! Should we encourage clubs to do what they can to have the best match experience, as long as it's safe? IMHO, yes. There are a LOT of things that are allowed at level 1 matches that are not at level 2 or 3. As long as the WSB clearly states that the plate must show evidence of a hit to be counted, (instead of falling to score), I'd have no problem with it in a local match. I would rather encourage the shooter turnout in hopes that the club can raise enough money to buy proper falling steel than to tell them to go suck eggs. Which this is not one of things that is allowed in a Level 1 match.
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