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  1. I got on the lathe and bored a hole into a piece of aluminum that was .468 ID for my .45 SWC bullets and put it into the top of the RCBS die, works like a charm,,, I only wanted to load 8-10 bullets in the tube, I don't need 30 or 40 , so it worked perfectly for me.
  2. I will machine a Bullet guide on the lathe in a day or two that will slip into the Bullet die, And I ordered a length of Acrylic tube,, I only want to make it @ 18"-24" tall, All I want to do is drop bullets in by hand into the tube every so often. Once the Bullet guide is done, I will know what to do for other caliber sizes and I can put a program in the CNC and make them very quick and pretty cheap if I wanted to.
  3. Is the Hornady the same thread pitch as the Dillon die head?
  4. RCBS will not sell me a Bullet Die Guide, because they don't want people making DIY bullet feeders. That's just Crazy, they should not sell the die if they are going to sell you the Guide, or put a disclaimer on the Bullet Die. Now they've done it, I will make my own Bullet Guide, and I wont be shy about sharing my solution either....
  5. I have a case feeder on the way from Brian for my 650XL, and I ordered an RCBS Bullet die from Optics Planet yesterday. I plan on using the bullet die as a gravity feed tube that can hold a dozen or so bullets util I can tool up a vibratory bowl feeder to feed the bullets. Anybody else do this?
  6. I ordered 3 new 10/rnd mags last night, for a total of 7 of the 10 round SS mags with Tripp .500x bases and one factory 8 round STI mag Should be good to go
  7. JT, thanks you for helping, I will order some base pads, I appreciate your help greatly, I just ordered some mags from MidWay
  8. Where does it state the length? Does Competition length mean longer, if so how much?
  9. Can you buy the Dawson Mags with the extended base pads already on them or do you have to buy them separate? Tripp is down for at least one week so my order is on hold there
  10. Is anyone else finding it hard to find 10 round mags?
  11. No matter how flat the pancake, it still has 2 sides
  12. I too am in the market for a lightweight 4" , great info!
  13. I think I need the longer pads! Just arrived minutes ago, installed a Dawson Ice Magwell, received the Tripp Cobra Mags already,, ready to shoot paper!
  14. Gun will ship back to me today from STI, they turned it around in under 2-weeks, which is OK, I guess. In the mean time, I bought a standard insert Dawson Ice Magwell and Tripp Cobra Magazines. Will the Polymer base pads on the Tripp mags work with the Dawson Ice or do i need new based pads? I am not sure what the issue might be except they might go too deep into the Magwell.
  15. Thanks for the info, when mine gets back from the STI Service/Repair Department I hope to shoot it.
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