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  1. What is the most popular holster and mag pouches for the Single Stack Division? For the people shooting the division how many mags do you carry on your belt? I am ready to start shooting this division any help would help. Thanks
  2. If your goal is to improve your group shooting with your competition gun, then I'd recommend practicing group shooting with your competition gun. I agree. I want to improve on my accuracy past 25 yards. I am not sure what type of drills to do. I thought that shooting a rimfire might help. If you guys have some 30 yard drills that you do please share them. Thanks for the help.
  3. I need to develop more skill shooting practice groups at 25 yards and beyond. My question becomes could I do this with a rimfire or should I just practice shooting groups with my competition gun? I anyone has any advise I would sure like to here it.
  4. Thanks for your input. For some reason my bullets get sticky and as a result may cause failure to feed. I will give it a try.
  5. Does any one silicone there match ammo to make it feed better? And if so does it work.
  6. How do I train to get a faster trigger finger? Some guys just blaze a way supper fast, while I kind of struggle in this area.
  7. What are the advantages of disadvantages to putting a case feeder on your Dillon 550 reloader? How much of a reload time savings is there?
  8. Thanks for the help with the Samsung your SCx300L, your videos sold me! I did in fact order one yesterday and can't wait to get it.
  9. So I have narrowed down my search on hats cams, which one should I get? Any suggestions to why on either of these would be a great help.
  10. Interested in the Insignia HD camcorder for match videos. Anybody out there using this product? Let me know how the video quality is.
  11. Anyone out there using the I-Kam xtreme video glasses? If so how do they work?
  12. Thanks, your one person video didn't work. Pretty neet how you mounted it on you ear muffs.
  13. Does anyone own an Epic Cam? If so is it user friendly? and easy to mount to your hat? Or should I just spend the money on the POV 1.5?
  14. Does anybody own a Kimber .22 conversion kit? Are they reliable enough to shoot Steel Challenge? What ammo works best in them?
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