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  1. Yeah, I have long fingers and can not shoot a single-stack gun very well because my trigger finger touches the magazine release as the trigger breaks. I use the first joint...I can not use the pad with any form of consistency. I am not an expert though the joint just feels natural and the pad feels wrong. I am sure that I have to work on that.
  2. Perfect! Thank you! Even perfect-er! Thank you, thank you!
  3. ok...no laughing, but when you are talking about "splits" what the heck are you talking about?
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking to pick up a nice chrony and it was suggested to me that I get the Pact MK IV Championship Timer with the chrony module. Is this the one for me or should I look for a dedicated chronograph sans the timer? Does this have everything I need or will I be disappointed? Thanks.
  5. mark123

    Test Your Vision...

    So, something does pop up and scare you? I never click those things anymore.
  6. Caption: It's easy to make major with a 67,500,000gr bullet.
  7. mark123

    Test Your Vision...

    Aww...is this another one of those things that flash to a scary thing and give you palpatations?
  8. This is an oak desk from an old school that got torn down. It's quite sturdy and it has plenty of drawers to keep all my powder and components. Seems kinda backwoods compared to some of you guys.
  9. At our last church picnic last year everyone that had guns brought them. We made too much noise and one of the church members unofficially banned guns at the church functions. She's not in charge of anything so I think we'll bring them next time anyway.
  10. Yah-hoo! Sorry if your blood pressure went up on that post before your last!
  11. I believe in the beginning of Matt's book it told me to decide what I was willing to give up to be the best...I did that. Church was not on the list. As long as a match is not on Wednesday night or Sunday then I'm in. Hey, I'll even go as far as to say I'd bolt after 12 noon from Sunday church to hit the range as long as I can be back by 6:15pm to prepare for the night service.
  12. Nah, I got a job to do at church and I actually am the only one that can do it. I wouldn't want to miss church even if I didn't have to run the sound system. I guess I'll have to pass on the competition thing. I'd still like to hang around here though.
  13. I was thinking of getting one eye done at a time and getting a disposable contact lens for the other until I decide the results. I really hate contact lenses though.
  14. Bah! SIG_Lady should leave the name alone...it made me feel comfortable to reply to her post. I shoulda signed up as SIG_Dood but I am mark123 on all the other boards, so... I'm still looking for the "perfect" 1911...seems they don't make on of them either though.
  15. I wonder if Canada has the latest technology because they do not go through all the "red tape" from the FDA or whomever handles such things. I may email you about some questions if you don't mind...and I appreciate it very much! I appreciate everyones replies :) Thanks!
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