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  1. Always file or stone on the cheapest part.
  2. DIV7703

    Preferred grip tape

    Try this company. Single Sheet Griptape - Jessup Griptape
  3. ezra650, the longer screw do not touch the slide.
  4. My wife shoots a Springfield 1911 9mm loaded with the Burris FireFire 3 with the dovetail mount. We had some problems with the factory supplied screws being to short and pulling the threads out of the dovetail insert after around 5,000 rounds. Bought some longer 6-48 screws and cut them down so the screws bottoms out in the dovetail insert, problem solved.
  5. My wife and I are taking his class this week end in Whitewright Texas at Mission 160 range.
  6. Great match! Chris must have bought every can of black spray paint in the Memphis area.
  7. My wife has three Springfield 9mm 1911s: Stainless Loaded with a Burris FastFire III optic and all John Harrison parts, this her primary IDPA gun Stainless Rang Officer with a Burris FastFire III optic and all John Harrison part this is her back up IDPA gun 9mm compact carry gun The all have been problem free.
  8. I have used: 231, BE-86, Titegroup, Bullseye and settled on VV N310.
  9. DIV7703


    Very happy with my 230 grain FMJ over 5.8 grains of BE-86. It passed the Chrono ( New Radar thing) at the IDPA Lone Star Match in Cresson Texas last Saturday. They came out at 750FPS and were accurate shot out of a Les Baer Concept V.
  10. UberScoreMaster - Rapid IDPA Score Entry, Publishing and Match Management
  11. Signed up to shoot CDP in Squad 11 with the Collin County Gang.
  12. DIV7703


    In my case 5.8 grains of BE-86 under a Winchester 230 FMJ gave me an average of 760FPS and a FP of 170. COL 1.255 Temperture: 57F Number of shots: 16 Pressure: 30.4 inHg Minimum: 740 Bullet Weight: 230 Maximum: 187 Power Factor Avg. 175 Spread: 75 Power factor Low: 170 Average: 760 Power Factor High: 187 Standard Deviation: 18 All were shot out of a 5" Les Baer Comcept V .45ACP
  13. Has any one played around with 165 gr Extreme bullet for 9mm? I have the following powders: CFE Pistol Titegroup BE-86 Win 231 Bullseye Looking for some starting loads for 125 PF. Thanks
  14. What a time saver records all the data on the Ipad or IPhone, when I get home just push the data to the wireless printer.
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