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  1. i finally upgraded to a collet puller.... soo much easier I was always worried that mine would break but they take some abuse.....
  2. I am not worried... I shoot for fun it was also my first 3 gun match.... I learned a bunch ie... only load your shotgun with what you need.... that killed my time also
  3. yes I did... would have been an ok run till then... lol
  4. I really like the barrel fluting. what does one charge for such a task on a 5" sighttracker?
  5. +1 on these +2 they are great because they are designed to fit the AR rifle and 12 ga shotgun +3 just got a set and worked great, only $11 or so for the set....
  6. well it was the last stage of the 3 gun shoot. started pistol, then 4 slugs followed by 8 birdshot all goes ok.... i unload and show clear completely my rifle sitting on the table next to me..... i sat there for about 5 seconds before someone in the background yelled rifle.... yaaa, my bad... lol all in good fun... LOL
  7. WOW... you would think that they might be wanting to look into that.....
  8. I was in Cali from 2005-2009 with the Army..... I hatexd every second, being a car and a gun guy is hard in a state that is Anti everything fun....
  9. vxhybrid

    How much?

    I wish I had a buddy like you... LOL
  10. easy to do buisness with. fast payment recieved

  11. Good buyer, will sell to anytime.

  12. great seller, very easy to do buisness with.

  13. I take 3000 pieces 40 S&W

    i need your paypal info

  14. 0 problems with the Spartan. I would recommed it to everyone.
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