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  1. Sure. We bought them from a friend who reloads, they came from Berry's but he bought a while back. I believe they are around 90$ on Berry's website now.
  2. I'm new to reloading but a buddy and mine currently reload 9mm. This is what we do and will step it up to bulk buys after we've pumped out a few thousand. Berrys 147gr 9mm 80$ Magtec Primers 35$ Titegroup Powder 9$ So we pay about 124$ per 1,000, I don't even want to know what a 1,000 147gr bullets cost otherwise. Fun hobby and saves us loads of money.
  3. I've bought a pistol, a shotgun and some mags off of Gunbroker and didn't have any issues. I generally use people who sell a lot on gunbroker and have good feedback.
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone. I think I'll have to put in an order and check them out!
  5. Some friends and I have recently gotten into sporting clays and we were looking into some bulk ammo. I just picked up a Beretta AL391 and most of my buddies use pumps Moss500, Rem870, etc. Does anyone have experience with Kemen shells? I have heard from others that they are well made and I see their boxes(in trash cans) a good bit at different ranges we have around here. We would be looking at getting 10 cases of the following and splitting between 4 guys or so. Looks like 60$ a case shipped to my door Stock# Product GA Length Oz Shot Dram Equiv Vel Shot Size KMSU32 Kemen Super 32 12 2 ¾ 1 1/8 2 ¾ 1150 7.5 Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  6. The person mentoring my friend and I generally does this as well. We were able to get a deal on 5,000 primers so we just loaded with those. I'm not sure if we should switch to small pistol(assuming we can find) or change out parts on our guns.
  7. I'm just starting reloading as well. Our load came from a close friend and a book as well. Rather interesting that we started with something this similar. Were using 3.2 Gr Titegroup(We shot for 3.0 in this first run, I like my fingers:) 147 Gr Berry's FMJ OAL 1.130+ or - .005 Small Rifle Primers but not sure of brand right off hand. From what I have read in books and most of the guys on here support is that the greater OAL you can get away with the better. However I am a little discouraged to read this knowing that you got that load from a book. Oh our round count is a whopping 225 so far(single stage and were brand new to this) all went boom but we had some issue with light primer strikes in the Glock and XD. S&W 6906 loved them. Glad your OK!
  8. I have the 3.5#lb connector in my G17 and am thinking of putting one in my G22(basically a poor mans trigger job). I love it in my G17 but may end up doing something else with it if I end up shooting competitively. @G-ManBart Since I still carry both these guns, Hunting and CWP, do you think that sticking with the 3.5# connector is a bad idea? I'm much more fond of this connector vs. the 5lb. Keep in mind that in either scenario if I draw my gun I'm going to fire, lol.
  9. This really helps me as well. I had this discussion with a friend from work the other day. So correct me if I'm wrong, but the ideal situation would be to have the greatest power factor you can while not giving up too much control due to recoil?
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