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  1. I will turn a blind eye to the OSU reference in case my wife stumbles across this post. It's not that 200gr won't work, as much as the .40 caliber for our game plays into the hand of the 180gr. It seems to offer the best combination of recoil/handling while making major of all the bullet weights. I'm kind of a knuckle head, which means if someone says "do it this way" then I won't. So I bought some small lots of different bullet grains. Tried them all out using mostly bill drills at 15yrds. When it was all said and done I settled on the 180gr. If you shoot 200gr better than you shoot 180gr, then have at it. I know a few guys that could actually see a difference between the 175 and 180 LSWC. I shoot zero 200`s with 4.7grs of n340 from my G22 with no issues.Last I chrono averaged 178-180 pf.Precision molys shoot alot hotter at 185pf all from a stock barrel.
  2. I use n340 with 200gr zero bullets loaded out to 1.130 in a g22.Never an issue with this combo.
  3. crawfish


    Looking for a magwell for g22 3rd gen,like the sjc but looks really big.What are you using and why.
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