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  1. Less

    baretta vertec

  2. Less

    baretta vertec

    Beretta is about to have a bunch of Vertec FS slides come online for sale. Couple it with a G-conversion and you've got a pretty cool setup!
  3. I dunno... It didn't seem to hit the steel reliably...
  4. Using a stock trigger bar? I've noticed that some are a bit wider/taller...
  5. I've sanded the channel a bit until it doesn't rub in the past. Nowdays you can buy VZ, LOK or Wilson grips where the channel is relieved a bit better. Never tried the Beretta or Hogue AL grips, but I'd guess they'd work too...
  6. Less


    Cool - good find.
  7. The 12 will generally work pretty well... It does wear out faster tho... After ~6000 might be good to swap it out...
  8. I think this is what you want... https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/safeties/shadow-thin-safety-set.html If you don't really want to use the safety, might consider a stiffer safety spring: http://www.dsperman.com/products/CZSpring/CZSpring.html
  9. ^^^^ This. I was able to give mine a 1/8th turn deeper and it worked well.
  10. Less


    Turns out the rubber baseplates for the CZ75's fit the Beretta 92 MecGar mags (They're essentially the same magazine tube). I've been on the hunt for a rubberized baseplate like the old Elite-style magazines had (silver mag). I've been using the ShockBottle easy-off pads for a while from benstoegerproshop and they're really solid, but I miss the tackiness of the rubber. BTW, if you're using MecGar mags in your Beretta and want the ShockBottle pads, buy the ones meant for the CZ75. If you're using OEM Beretta mags, then use the ShockBottle Beretta pads. The difference is the mag tubes are a bit longer/shorter and the flush-fit gets in the way...
  11. If you order a WC BrigTac with an action tune from the factory, Beretta USA does the trigger work. It isn't nearly as nice as getting the gun, then sending it to WC for a guy like Jared (aka "Bucket") to work on. If you want the best possible trigger on a Beretta, buy the gun, then send it in. Tell them to use the new WC trigger bar and spring pack. Great triggers... Jared Phillips does AMAZING work.
  12. How are you.  Hope all is well.




    1. Less


      Just back from FL. Life is good.

      Finished 8th in Production at the Open. I'll take it.


    2. PatrickDoyle


      that's awesome.  which gun?

    3. Less


      Sorry man - haven't been on here in a while... Shooting the Beretta 


  13. Pat Doyle in the house! ^^ Good advice from a professional!
  14. I don't know the stock FS height on a vertec... Could you measure that? From the top of the slide to the top of the sight (not including the dovetail). If the FS is .140"T, then a .305" rear should do top-of-blades at 7-15yards and ~1" high at 25 yards.
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