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  1. Now that my kids are getting older and my wife and I have settled into that comfortable stage of marriage where we don't talk, I thought I'd get back into USPSA. For background, I shot club matches regularly from 2004 through 2011. I didnt really get serious about going to multiple matches a month or major matches until the last year or two. Prior to that, it was mostly for fun. The last year I was really active, I managed to make B class production. My goal now is to be a well rounded A either this fall or next spring. By well rounded I mean not sucking on long field courses like I used to. To that end, I've decided to invest in books or DVDs. I've narrowed it down to Matt Burkett or Ben Stoeger's DVDs, or a dryfire book from Steve Anderson or Ben Stoeger. My question to you all is which format do you recommend (DVD or book) and from who in order to reach my goal? Thanks in advance!
  2. I did, I'm just looking for the lay of the land so to speak. Are there 5 shoothers or 50? Am I going to be the only one shooting single stack, or is there healthy competition?
  3. I've got a potential career opportunity in the eastern panhandle and I'm wondering how active the clubs in the area are(USPSA, idpa, etc )? I'm also interested in the general liveability, quality of schools, etc. Are the people generally friendly with newcomers, or do they still frown upon carpetbaggers?
  4. He dumped the shot and then moved, big difference. My question is why burn it to begin with? Remember I am a total multi-gun noob here.
  5. czcustom.com www.henningshootsguns.com
  6. Stupid question of the week:Are you running slide glide and how much weight does it add?
  7. Everone says you have to change grips on a stock shadow to make weight. The shadow custom already has different grips so that must help. I imagine that a plastic GR is a must as well as 10 round mags. Has anyone JC'd their Shadow Custom? If so how?
  8. Where is you see used Shadow Customs for sale here? I have a Shadow Target being made for me now. You have to order them from the CZ Custom Shop. Call Rob at 480-969-1311 Mesa, Arizona. Have you looked at the classifieds?
  9. DoubleDelta

    Shadow Target?

    Wow, if the only difference is adjustable sites(which I want anyway) and different grips(I like the ones on my Shadow Custom, it does not make sense for them to be the same price. Heck, the Target is $1199 and MSRP is usualy high!
  10. Generations ago children were shooting from very early ages. I would bet that they were safer than some of the idiots I see on the public ranges. Fact is this young man comes from a gun family that has been shooting for at least 3 genereations. He has been taught saftey and demonstrates it enough to satisfy the ROs and MDs at matches. Compare that to many new shooters I encounter at the range who are learning about guns from buddies, themselves or uncle hollywood.
  11. Looks nice. Any chance of it making it to the US?
  12. Mhy new blaster arrived today! I got the thin black aluminum grips(I didn't know there was another option). The guy that did the transfer called and woke me up to tell me that it was in and that I would be very pleased. I hauled butt to his farm and when I got there I was not disapointed. Keep in mind that I have never touched an SP-01 until I picked mine up out of the case. It was love at first sight. It points every bit as good as my -75B. The grips are super cool and combined with the extended mag release will make for super fast reloads. I can feel the extra weight, but it still is the best ballanced gun I own. However, I was suprised by a couple of minor things. The only one of my -75 mags that locks the slide back is my 10 rounder. The followers look slightly different; can I find compatable ones? The other thing that suprised me was that the take-up on the singel action trigger is almost three times as much as on my -75. Is this common? It should not be a big deal since the reset seems to be short, but I might have to re-train myself. The sad thing is that I felt worse about locking my new blaster up in the safe for 10 hours than I did about locking up my wife's dogs for 3 hours until she came home for lunch!
  13. I tried searching for "CZ SP-01" and got nothing. Thanks for the data everyone. Darrell, WOW, it sounds like you have reloaded a time or two!
  14. Beautiful. Did you have it re-finished?
  15. I am fairly new to reloading and was wondering what loads you are using in the SP-01? While I would love to use N320, the chances of finding it in sufficient quantities is slim, so alternative powder suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
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