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  1. Add myself to the squad. Only had 1 match and maybe a total of 250 rounds through my pcc.
  2. Does anyone see any Saturday/Sunday spots open?
  3. 3.8gr WST with a 124gr Missouri bullet company @ 1.08 in 16in faxon = 143pf
  4. well she will shoot. Ended up going with the QC10 upper receiver with Faxon barrel and BCG. Still looking at a muzzle break, trigger and buffer.
  5. I was mostly asking about just the stripped upper receivers. As I was looking at using the taccom ramped tension barrel, with their extreme bcg. But I may go another direction as the barrel is out of stock. Another direction I'm looking is using a Faxon 16" barrel and BCG.
  6. Im starting to peice together a PCC. One thing I'm stuck on is the upper recover. I see lots of people say QC10 is the best, but is it really that much better than the Taccom? I already have a QC10 glock lower, if it matters.
  7. + 4. About to order more from them. No issues with the 10k I have seen.
  8. Bevenue

    S&B primers

    Ok thanks guys. Picked some up to try out. Hope their as good as the small pistol I've been using.
  9. How are their small rifle primers doing? Looking for some cheap primers for ball powders(wc844 and lovex D073-06)
  10. I've been shooting 3.4gr of WST with 180gr coated SNS @ 1.135". It makes 135pf from my 5" M&P Pro, and still cycles my 4.25" M&P with stock springs..
  11. I'm up in conroe. Is the calendar on Texas south section down? Can't get it to load on my mobile.
  12. Staying just north of Houston for work currently. Where are all the uspsa and idpa matches at? TIA
  13. Did your dies not come with a spacer? Mine did so I can switch in between the two cartridges.
  14. Do you use moon clips, speed strips, or speedloaders?
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