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  1. The 2015 GTUL USPSA Maryland State Championship is quickly approaching. We have some great sponsors including GTUL, Springfield Armory, Brian Enos, Unique Tek, TruGlo, and Pheonix Arms. There are 10 fun and action packed stages to challenge your skills. We have some great shooters already signed up but, there is still some more room! Come on out and join us to shoot the Maryland State Championship from 6 through 8 November. Please go to our website http://www.somdpracticalshooters....com/#!sponsors/cgra for more information on the match. Catering will be provided by Southern Bobby-Q Catering. Anyone who was at this past A8 match will tell you that they did really good work and no one was disappointed. If you have any questions, please let us know. Looking forward to seeing you all on the range! Christian Vet Viverette Jared Wood
  2. 7, 8, 9 November 2014 9 Stages. We still have some slots left. The match book and application can be found here at http://www.somdpracticalshooters.com/#!sponsors/cgra
  3. It is official we are up and running. Here is the web site for applications. www.somdpracticalshooters.com
  4. Match stages are still under reveiw as soon as I have the "go" the applications will go out. Here are the details Range Sanners Lake Sportsmans Club Club Southern Maryland Practical Shooters Dates 8,9,10 Nov 2013 Round Count 250+ Stages 9 Looking at about a $100 match fee with guns and a prizes, Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to put the word out that Southern Maryland Practical Shootershas started up as an official USPSA club VA23 as of Novemeber. We shoot the second Sunday of every month Jan to Dec. To get on the notification list and to sign up email somd.practical.shooters@gmail.com Club is located at Sanners Lake Sportsmans Club in Lexington Park, MD 20653
  6. New club Southern Maryland Practical Shooters (Club VA23) just started up Nov 2012Here is our December Announcement. Southern Maryland Practical Shooters USPSA Toys for Tots Match 4 Stages (1 classifier) Shotgun side match 9 December 2012 Sanners Lake Sportsman’s Club Sanners Lane, Lexington Park, MD 20653 To Sign up Please send you email, Name, Division, Class, Power Factor and USPSA number, time slot and if you are shooting the side match to: somd.practical.shooters@gmail.com Morning match 8:15 to 8:45 Registration / 8:45 Range Brief / 9:00 Start Afternoon match 12:15 to 12:45 Registration / 12:45 Range Brief / 1:00 start Shotgun side match from 9:00 till 5:00 For the USPSA Pistol Match bring a donation of $25 or more, pistol, 150 rounds of ammo, holster, 3 magazines, 2 magazine pouches, hearing, and eye protection. For the Shotgun Side Match bring a $5 or more donation, shotgun, 15 rounds of #7 or higher shot shells and you can have a run at 7 steel targets. Each match entry will give you a raffle ticket to win a new 12 Gauge Mossberg 590 with Speed feed style stock and Ghost Ring sights. You can buy more raffle tickets at the match for $5 each for another chance on the shotgun. You can shoot the match in the morning and afternoon in two different divisions if you want or just try and run a better match. The shotgun side match will run continuously throughout the day of the event. All proceeds go to Toys for Tots so come out and have fun and donate to great cause.
  7. We could get you in on Friday. The match is looking great with a great prize table. A big "Thank You" to Brian Enos for your support of the match!
  8. We have it going again this year (after taking last year off) Please refer to the link for info and match app. See you there in 29 and 30 April. http://www.sannerslake.us/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 We are upgrading our web site all the some check it often. Sponsors please contact me we are offering stage sponsorship with 2 slots and a page in the match book for your support.
  9. I am using the Burwell rear sight with the SSS front sight. Works well for every thing from IDPA and USPSA. The last match we had was close up and spray to some 25 yard shots.
  10. I think the the STI Trojan bought from Dawson is a good way to go. They throw a fiber optic front site on and ambi safety on the guns most of the time for no charge because you are getting them from Dawson. The Dawson Tune is reasonable if you want to add that. With out any smithing you are ready to go. Just add on a S&A magwell that will "drop in fit" and some good magazines you are ready roll. To add I have Trojans in 45 and 9mm that are flawless. I added a AFTEC extractor on the 9mm and use the Cobra mags from Tripp Research. That is my good combo.
  11. I have to find that. Sounds like a fun show.
  12. 1. Really like the Comp Tac holster and pouches. (the Glock magazine pouches are not going to cross well) #12 for the M&P. 2. Sights I left my gun to Dan Burwell for rear and fiber front sight. 3. Trigger I left my gun to Dan Burwell for trigger work standard package. 4. You may want to get a few more magazines (I like to have 6 for each gun) 5. You may want to changed the recoil spring to #13 pound (I used the factory guide rod and a #13 pound ISMI spring) All in all you should be good. They run great out of the box too.
  13. I tumbled the 9mm that was green for about 4 hours and no issues. The bullets look like they will work now. It works just makes you feel like your doing some thing you shouldn't do.
  14. There is not too much brass to worry about but the S&B and AMERC does have many reasons too avoid them. The best stuff I have and use is the Military Brass WCC (win) and TZZ (IMI) On the other side the factory stuff is great too Win, Starline, IMI, Fed they should all treat you well with many relaodings..
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