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  1. 19 rooms left in the match hotel as of this posting.. Overflow accommodations will be announced when we fill up the match hotel.
  2. Please see the link below for detail about the match hotel. The highlights are as follows: 39 rooms available for contestants on a first come first serve basis ranging in price from $69.50 to $99.50 depending on what they pick or what is left. Competitors must call in and indicate they are with Generation 3 Continental breakfast open at 5:30AM. Indoor pool/hot tub, outdoor pool and patio areas will be all GIIIG, no other guests. The location is fantastic, the hotel backs up to the outlet mall, has 8 restaurants within walking distance and several more within a mile or 2. Match Staff rooms are already booked, RO’s need to make rooming arrangements through Chad. http://www.quailsnest.com/
  3. That's a relief, after hearing quite a lot about that camp chair, I was actually searching Ebay for a replacement..... No really... Jeff
  4. The overall reviews of the match are positive and we appreciate the feedback. I am very proud of the hard work we did and the money we raised for future generations of our sport. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that is so positively regarded in our shooting community and I thank everyone who helped with the match for contributing to Generation III Gun's success, a special thanks to the RO's who treated our shooters like customers. Privately we have been given constructive criticism that mostly focuses on the admin side. We will do our best to bring that part of the match in line. Much of the feedback centers around the prize table. It was not our intent to have the prizes displayed in the smallest room in the hotel, or for you to not be able to walk through ahead of time to review the prizes. When we arrived Saturday afternoon to start laying out the prize table, that room you walked through for prizes was the only one in the hotel not occupied by another conference. It takes several hours to set up a prize table; with conferences in the large rooms ending at 4:30 and 5:30, we simply made do with what we had. Because of the way the hotel treated our contract, I am currently trying to put together a group of smaller hotels to take our match. I know it would break all of our hearts not to get to go back to the Inn, but the one thing we get with that hotel is a central location. There are also a number of folks who have recommended that we regularly update our website during the match. Unfortunately, this is simply not an option. GIIIG, Inc. relies on a volunteer web designer (Pierce Colman) and we try not to take advantage of his generosity with too many requests. We will however do a better job communicating through Facebook and Enos. In the future, rest assured we will learn from our mistakes and smooth out the rough edges. Thank you for your support, your patience and your feedback. Jeff Welsh Co-Founder, Generation III Gun, Inc.
  5. JJ, thanks for helping us out with the coms and cell booster. You are a good guy to have around! Jeff
  6. Here is the schedule. I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend. Shooters meeting on Friday at the stats camper: 7 AM for the early group and 11:45 AM for the late group. To get to stats, drive past the lake, the private entrance (5MPH) and stay left at the Y to the top of the first big hill. Stats is in a big field on your left- look for the camper.
  7. Here is a map of the stages. As you can see they are paired. When you see the schedule, you will better understand, but essentially if you start on the front of the property, you stay on the front and vice versa. With the increased number of shooters, we had to clean up the travel times. Stats/HQ is in the middle of the property. Just a reminder that when you drive past the residence, its a 5 MPH speed limit. Thanks.
  8. We have a local dock company, Atlas Docks owned by Matt Hasselbring that helps us put on the lake what Chad and I think up in our heads. Matt donates all materials, labor and planning even though it is a very busy time for dock builders at Lake of the Ozarks. Our addition for this year is some new slug targets. The lake targets are always our biggest concern, we never worry about the MGM's. Chad has Atlas overengineer them because (he is a pessimist, and) it would really not be good to have to make a repair during the match. I hope you get to come enjoy Matt's hard work. See you in a few days.
  9. I wanted you all to be aware if you were jersey shopping,GIIIG was informed Animal Customs would not be able to complete our jersey order and are regrettably out of business. This is from Mondo himself. They did a great job for us last year and contributed heavily towards our match. We ended up at Techwear.
  10. Regrettably, Animal is no longer an option. I was informed they are out of business by Mondo himself. We have moved to Techwear at double the cost.
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