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  1. A very proud moment indeed! It's great that you have it on tape too.
  2. The pmag one is still the best: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IEHMZZdSjCg
  3. Wow that's time consuming Yes it is time consuming to check each and every round with a gage but it is one last line defense from something bad going in the chamber. It also serves as one last check for high primers. Stuff that doesnt pass the gage and is still visibly serviceable gets shot as practice ammo. I have yet to have one of those rounds jam or fail... Go figure.
  4. I'll have to admit a lot of things have changed since I met this guy and my shooting schedule has changed significantly. It will only be a few more years until we are burning down the stages together. Here's an Easter morning picture for you guys:
  5. I shot my first Idpa match with a s&w sigma in 9mm. I sold that soon after and got an m&p pro when they came out. I shoot ssp and esp with that. I just take the SSS mag well on and off. As for cdp I have a sig 220 combat that I use. I plan to get an m&p 45. I shoot esr with a 625.
  6. http://blackdogmachinellc.net/holster-for-the-ruger-mark-series.aspx
  7. I followed the recommendations for lube and maintenance here on the forum and I got everything back together. The shell plate bounces back nicely now and the press runs smoothly. Now I need to make the investment in the parts I need. I plan to eventually do a two tool head set up for loading .223. For now I will size and de prime on my RCBS, trim by hand, swage on a 600, then load on the 550. Eventually I will have a second tool head with a 1200 on it.
  8. I have dillon gauges for 9 and in 45. My 45 seems far less picky than the 9. With the 9 I have a 10-15% failure rate and the 45 is less than 4%.
  9. I just had a box of .223 brass from shooters source delivered yesterday covered in tape. No extra cost.
  10. I recently acquired a 550 that was purchased new in 1985 and never used. I plan on sending it to Dillon for a refurb. It's comforting to know that my son will be handed down something that will last.
  11. I started on an SDB loading 9mm. A friend at the club brought his sdb to Idpa practice when I mentioned I was interested in reloading. At the time I had no interest in rifle and I was hooked on the sdb. I added a second tool head for 45acp and ran batches of 1000 I between caliber changes. I added a single stage for .223 on a rock chucker. I loaded 1k in my first single stage experience and it was a practice in mental toughness. I have recently acquired a 550 for free (score!!!) and will more than likely be setting it up with a two die set up for .223. Head 1 deprive size trim head two prime charge seat crimp. Looking back the 550 could have been the best all around choice but I love my sdb. I will not be selling any of my presses though.
  12. I have everything put together and cleaned up. Nearly 30 years of sitting caused some corrosion issues between the steel parts and aluminum. Everything is moving freely now. The only issue is that the press does not "reset" after the up stroke for the prime. I dont know if this is normal for the machine but my SBD bounces back nicely. The only spring that applies this force in the one on the primer cup. I think the failsafe powder system might add some boost to this as well. The powder feed system was fairly bound up and i could not get the part that threads into the tool head to come off the rest of the measure so I could insert the funnel. I am fairly pleased with it and I can see the dollars being spent on add ons for it already. Its nice to see more blue on my bench.
  13. I just picked up a dillon 550 from 1985 unused in box! I own an SDB but the 550 is new to me. What should I do with it and what is the difference between the 550 and 550B?
  14. I use the magpul field case and love it. It has saved my bacon on multiple occasions including dropping the phone and kicking while trying to catch it on pavement. I already have my case for my 5s that will arrive soon.
  15. I used play airsoft a little and have a TM MP5K with the biggest LIPO I could stuff in the gun. With the stock gear box it would pump out 22.5 RPS. It didn't like shooting semi auto. Semi auto can be hard on the gun and gear box and the trigger switch. I like dry firing on the treadmill it helps me forget im on the treadmill. However to the gentleman on the treadmill you should probably have eye protection on...
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