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  1. at one of the clubs i shoot at they want certified RO to RO .
  2. if u are looking for one have freind that got one for sale if u want more if pm
  3. wehn my dad was buiding guns that all he would us. aslo i shoot with fred kart when he was living on long lisland ny
  4. when i ask the area director his answer was . they must be pre ban mags. that why me and 20 other guys are not shooting this match
  5. so chuck club freeport , match name july 2016 big bang match
  6. progam says been posted . but not showing up on website. any idea why.
  7. my dad when he was buliting bulleyes gun and used 5 min ploy so when had to remove the scews had to blow tounch to heat the scew up
  8. look on ebay guy sells item for that
  9. order by the case u get more case
  10. i ha both of them i put the one that came with the press . got a better feel when sitting primers.
  11. have freind that got 2 03 of them and u can still get parts for the
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