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  1. My production 9.96 hf came in at 94 percent.
  2. I had a 9.96 hf in prod. Will see in a few days what it is.
  3. 4.0 tightgroup 124 fmj at 1.145 out of a G34 makes PF all day long.
  4. My order from Feb 28th for a 650 w/ case feeder in 9mm arrived April 2.
  5. ordered a 650 from Brian on 2-28-13. No idea when i will see it.
  6. Hello, I have a story about a crazy incedent that happened to me at a match this weekend. I was the on deck shooter so i was standing behind the start position watching the shooter before me. When he started shooting i saw and felt a brass casing fly back and bounce off my gun or holster. I looked down but did not see it so i shrugged it off. The stage was an unloaded gun on barrel start so when it was my turn i placed my gun on the barrel and placed my mag next to it. on the start signal i picked up the gun,loaded the mag in the magwell,racked the slide and pulled the trigger on the first round and click. the slide looked out of battery so i hit the back of the slide and tryed again. I looked again and there was an empty case sticking out of the ejection port. It was the 38 super case from the shooter before. the magwell of my gun was facing away from the shooter but it some how bounced right in there. Unbelievable
  7. Hello Snake,you need to follow the road, it curves to the right through the woods to the back of the range. If you decide to come back next month let me or mjoy know and we will make sure you get in. I am sorry you had troubles and I am sure it was a misunderstanding. They had a big new member orientation going yesterday and that may have been what happened. In no way do the guys running the match had anything to do with what happened to you.
  8. i sent you an email about the holster and mag pouch.

  9. I'm curious also. Hope someone can chime in.
  10. We use 3 bays and shoot 6 stages.We shoot 3 squads and then reset the next 3 stages. All target locations are marked and color coded on the ground.Usually we can shoot the match in about 4 hours with 30 or so shooters but it took about 6 hours.
  11. We hold a monthly Steel challenge match at our local range in Central Tx and we usually have 30 or so shooters. Today we had over 50 shooters and 15 of them where new. It's great to have growing pains.
  12. I agree, Arthur and the guys put on a great match. It's a shame they can't have the backing of the club.
  13. That load will do just fine for you and the 231 is a good alternative but it takes about 2 tenths of a grain more powder than TG. Please use a crono and work up.
  14. For the eight stages in use now all plates except the two outside plates on pendulem and all the Gongs are 5ft to the top. The gongs are 5 1/2 ft to the top and the outside plates on pendulem are 6ft to the top. Hope this answers your question.
  15. You will be satisfied if you go with the 3/8 Ar400.
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