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  1. Well, when my press gets back from Dillon... I'll be loading up some .308. I expect them to shoot just fine.
  2. I guess I should have added that I'm shooting this in a bolt gun so a crimp is not necessary for me. ETA- My trimming is done with a Giraud as well.
  3. I've started shooting F-class recently so I'm looking to crank out some .308 rounds in some sort of quantity. I load my .308 on a single stage at the moment and we all know what speed is like with that. My question- should I stick to the single stage route, or will I be able obtain the same "precision" with the 550. I'll resize and decap on the single stage, but I'd like to run my 550 like this- Station 1- universal decapper to knock out the flash hole Station 2- dump powder with either a dillon powder thrower or an RCBS, I haven't decided yet Station 3- seat bullet Station 4- ferry dust f
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