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  1. Sizing the brass did remove the bulk of the marring.
  2. Just recently purchased a Casepro 100 that was a NIB unit, never had been used. After cleaning it up and lubricating the unit, and installing the 45ACP die I ran a small batch (about 30 pieces) of 45ACP through it. The brass came out with some surface marring (see photo). Shiny and bright at the case head but about 1/3 up from the case head you can see where the marring starts. The die is defiantly taking some brass off as they you can just barely see a trace of brass on a small section of the die. Can anyone with experience using a Casepro 100 tell me if this is normal, am I doing something incorrectly, or if there is maybe issues with the dies? All brass was cleaned just prior to running it through the Casepro. FYI - had the same issue with a small batch of 40S&W brass that I ran through on the 40S&W die. Thanks!
  3. No apologogies necessary John M. Sounds like there has been a lot of good discussion. FYI - the vendor I ordered the press from did make it right and I did get a unit with the hole centered. Been extremely happy with the unit and have seen a dramatic improvement in the concentricity of my loads and their performance on paper. I really like the quick change capability and not having to reset the dies each time I load them. I have found that the Hornady dies work fine in the unit and see no difference in the level of concentricity achieved. One nice added feature is the closed system for depriming. Keeps things alot cleaner compared to my Rock Chucker. I would have no problem recommending the Co-Ax.
  4. Question for those who own a Forster Co-Ax. I recently received a Co-Ax and upon opening the box, found that the hole in the yoke where the handle is installed is off center and that the casting is pretty poor quality as the wall thickness is not consistent (the one side is half the thickness of the other). For the price of the press I am considerably dismayed at this quality issue. Is yours the same way or did I get a lemon? Thanks.......
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