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  1. Has anyone ever had a Dillon Powder Measure body anodized and if so was it beneficial? Thinking it would help with powder flow as well as prevent that dullness from developing over time. Thanks
  2. I did reach to Wayne and did receive a response that the die will work in the Co-Ax. Ordered it last week, and will see how it works.
  3. I was curious if anyone has tried using one of the Mighty Armory TNT GOLD MATCH Pistol Sizing Dies on a Forster Co-Ax press? Was wondering with the aluminum heatsink on the die if there was enough threads on the steel portion of the die to allow proper setup of the die in the press since the locking ring sits lower on dies when used in the Co-Ax press. Does anyone know if it will work in the Co-Ax? Thanks
  4. Just ordered me a Autotrickler v3 with a A&D FX-120i scale. Was looking at the Area419 Complete v3 Accessory kit for this setup. Knowing that the weighing capacity of the FX-120i is 122 grams, I was wondering what that capacity was reduced to when using the Area419 powder cup and cup tray (that replaces the OEM tray). Does anyone have this setup and if so, do you know what the weighing capacity is with it?Thanks and stay safe!
  5. Recently I purchased a new powder funnel from Photoescapeinc.com for my Dillon 650 setup. I heard that supposedly they are the manufacturer of the powder funnel for the MBF. One of the recommendations in using it is to actually lube the brass as the powder funnel places a minor step in the belling that allows the bullet to set very stable with minimal belling. I was curious if anyone has ever taken one of these powder funnels or one of the Dillon powder funnels and had it TiN coated to allow for a smoother belling operation? If so, did it help smooth out the belling process by eliminating the brass hanging up on it? Thanks
  6. Sizing the brass did remove the bulk of the marring.
  7. Just recently purchased a Casepro 100 that was a NIB unit, never had been used. After cleaning it up and lubricating the unit, and installing the 45ACP die I ran a small batch (about 30 pieces) of 45ACP through it. The brass came out with some surface marring (see photo). Shiny and bright at the case head but about 1/3 up from the case head you can see where the marring starts. The die is defiantly taking some brass off as they you can just barely see a trace of brass on a small section of the die. Can anyone with experience using a Casepro 100 tell me if this is normal, am I doing something incorrectly, or if there is maybe issues with the dies? All brass was cleaned just prior to running it through the Casepro. FYI - had the same issue with a small batch of 40S&W brass that I ran through on the 40S&W die. Thanks!
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