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  1. Falling Down... Michael Douglas, Just trying to get home..Well we all know that, Right..
  2. I bought a 650 a couple of months back, Im afraid i have done some modifications... The best one so far is drilling a hole in the primer shoot, and fitting a plastig film cannister to the shoot to stop new primers going on the floor. I guess i cant help but tinker.. Also sardine tin shims under the tool head to stop it lifting. Oh, and a lee pro 100 case feeder...And a lighter spring under the shellplate.
  3. OK an update, just tried yet another mod to the LEE. I have got the primer feed trough nearly vertical(hot air gun, lockwire and swearing) So now deprime, size and prime,(then change everything add powder and seat, then single stage crimp) this works ok, BUT are there enough hours in the day to do this.... Thanks to markCO for the indepth comparison, he has it spot on. emailed Dillon two days ago about Spanish importer ...Still no reply. Got a big competition this Saturday so need to burn some ammo..As Coco says you can´t really take your eye of the ball loading 9mm Major. It is impossi
  4. OK Guys I am convinced, Next problem is finding one as I am in Spain and due to European crisis no shops are holding stocks of anything.. Yesterday my local Gunstore had no primers, no powder and no Dillon Press with no intention of restocking... I will try Saul Kirsh in Holland (Double Alpha Acadamy) He has allways been really helpfull. Thanks again, Malcolm..
  5. Thanks everyone, It looks like i will be changing colour AGAIN.... With my current setup I deprime and size on one machine, hand prime, then fill with powder and seat on another. Oh ,and don´t forget back to the single stage for crimping... My patience is wearing very thin with this proggresive style of loading.. Thanks for bothering to answer. Malcolm.
  6. OK,to make a long story short. I have been reloading many years, started with single stage then RCBS proggressive, now have a couple of Lee Pro 1000(9mm) The RCBS used to flip primers and spill powder, The LEE´S are just about useable if you spent more time making modifications than bullets. The question is , is a dillon 650 all that it is made out to be, are there faults like all the rest. Last night the LEE nearly took flying lessons, i need honest advice. Thanks in advance, Malcolm.
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