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  1. I was an RO on stage 8 --- Over the years, I have been very lucky enough to see both Jerry and Daniel shoot in many rifle long range stages. I can honestly say that the stage conditions were very close for both of these very talented Marksmen. Jerry was on his game and had a super great stage. I hope that this is not out of line nor offensive in any way, but unfortunately Daniel just did not go "one for one" as he usually does. Simple as that. This was a very challenging stage and I witnessed many shooters miss that normally do not have any issues. The strong winds did not let up until Sunday but that still did not prevent some shooters from still timing out. Great to see all of you at the event - Russ
  2. Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun 2015 started off this morning on schedule with our Pre-Match/Staff Shoot. We have 11 great stages all ready for you to enjoy. As I will be sequestered to the stat shack for the rest of the match I may not get a chance to see you shoot. Thanks to everyone for participating in our match. I hope that you all have a great time. Thank for making the registration and squaring job enjoyable. Russ
  3. All the spots are now completely full. If you have not been notified, it does not look good. We are in the final phases of squadding, so please squad yourself if you have not done so. Even if you are squadded please visit PractiScore and verify your squad and registration information. As always, any questions - smm3gunstaff@gmail.com Russ
  4. Wait-List Update - Check you emails - Today we were able to let some folks in off the wait-list. The movement was caused by a few folks that dropped from the match and also from several shooters becoming sponsored. I will wait a few days to let those folks decide if they are coming or not. - Expect a complete update of your place on the list after the weekend. Squadding - We cannot begin the squadding process until all the sponsored shooters complete their registration. That should be complete by Mid February. Expect that the squadding process will start shortly thereafter. Hopefully this helps - Russ
  5. The wait list update for December has been emailed to everyone that is on it. If for some reason, you did not receive the update, please contact me at: smm3gunstaff@gmail.com There has not been much movement yet which is expected. So far a few have dropped from the waitlist process but so far everyone that registered and paid for the match is still is planning on attending. Like last year, do not expect much movement until after the shot show in late January. That is when the commitments are finalized with the sponsors and we find out which ones are sending their shooters in exchange for all the wonderful gear & Guns that they provide for our prize table.
  6. Finbox: At the match, you or a representative will need to confirm your registration specifics and pick up your score cards before you can shoot. This will be available 8-5 on Thursday and also Friday morning. Some shooters that do not start until Friday afternoon can pick them up Friday morning. I understand that you are most likely trying to make hotel reservations, but it will depend on your squad assignment on when you actually start the match. Gunther: In addition to what Mick said; For this year we expect to have more shooters than last year. The "total number of shooters" will also include those staff members that shoot the pre-match that allow the match to ultimately take place and also the Sponsored shooters which allows us to have the amazing prize table year after year. Don't waste your time trying to figure out the exact numbers. Lots will happen between now and the first shot being fired.
  7. The registration process including the lottery process is complete. The lottery process was completed by the Practiscore Match Management program to ensure complete impartiality. The registration announcement stated that "On Sunday October 26th, registration will close and the lottery process will take place." That is exactly what happened. I am truly sorry for the very few that missed the opportunity to register by waiting until the last minute. For the two people that I know of that contacted me, I have placed them on the wait-list. The match had 325 total entries. 200 shooters will be awarded shooting slots starting as soon as I finish this post. The rest will become part of the wait list. So I am confident that 200 people will think that the lottery process was a great idea and the rest will not. We are humbled by the popularity of our match and your desire to attend. We are confident that this process allowed everyone an equal chance to attend our match. Thanks again for your interest in our match. Russ - Smm3g staff member
  8. Last year the only delay in getting to the prize table was due to the Team Shoot-Off. In an effort to expedite getting people to the prize table and therefore home sooner, we will not be having any sort of shoot-off after the match. Last year the arbitration period started within 10 mins. of the last shot fired. We expect to accomplish the same this year. We are hoping to begin sponsor recognition during the arbitration period so that we can move directly into passing out the awards and prizes immediately following the end of the arbitration period. There are many great reasons for using Practiscore, however in our case it will not help us get home any sooner. For any questions regarding staffing at the match, contact our Range Master: Gary Walters This forum is not regularly monitored by any of the staff members. The best source of information for our match is our website : http://smm3gun.com/ On the website you can find the specific contact information to get all your match related questions answered. If I can be of any help contact me (Russ) at: smm3gunstaff@gmail.com
  9. The refund policy remains the same as last year. Refund requests received prior to: November 15th 80% December 1st 70% January 1st 60% February 1st 50% The details for squadding will be sent to the shooters in February after the last cutoff and shooter registration is finalized. My plan is to pre-assign the squads first similar to lasts years first round of squadding, and then allow everyone to self adjust if necessary using the on-line squadding process available in PractiScore.
  10. 2015 SMM3G PAID SHOOTER REGISTRATION PROCESS In an effort to improve the on-line registration process that began last year, this year we will be utilizing the services of PractiScore’s Match Management software. https://clubs.practiscore.com/smm3gun-2015-superstition-mountain-mystery-shooters-registration/register I am confident that most of you are familiar with this web-based service as it has been in use for quite some time and used exclusively for the many other major national events. In addition to the registration, later in the process we will also be utilizing the on-line squadding feature in an effort to help satisfy your requests. To avoid the problems incurred last year when the match was sold out in less than a minute, this year’s process will include a lottery type drawing to take place after we have collected the registration requests from the competitors that are interested in shooting the match. The total Match fee will still remain the same as last year at $300.00 per shooter which will be due when you are accepted into the match. This year, we will be able to accept online payments for the match on a voluntary basis. The on-line payment option will incur a convenience fee ($10.00) but is your option. The registration process will take place from Saturday October 18th thru Sunday October 26th 2014. On Sunday October 26th, registration will close and the lottery process will take place. Shortly thereafter, you will be notified whether you are in the match or on the wait-list. Only one registration entry is allowed per person. When you register, please have the following information ready. T-Shirt Size, Division you plan to shoot, applicable categories (Lady, Senior, Law) shooting partner full names, and valid personal emails to receive confirmations and match communications. For those of you registering as individual shooters, the process will be very simple and painless. You will receive an email confirmation when you have successfully registered for the match. There is no “Gaming” this system. Anyone determined to be abusing the policy’s by attempting to register multiple times or with multiple shooting partners will determined to be unsportsmanlike and refused entry into the match. After the lottery process has taken place, you will then be notified that you made it in the match. Your shooting slot is contingent based upon our receipt of your check for $300.00 per shooter along with the printed email confirmation within 2 (TWO) WEEKS of notification. Checks will be sent to: SMM3G P.O. Box 52770 Mesa, Arizona 85208 There are no-exceptions to this policy. If your check is not received by Monday November 10th, 2014 your slot will be given to the next person on the wait list. Last year we had several people sign up for the match, but then never complete the process by sending in their final payment. (Lots of extra work, Plus not fair to the others - Not cool) Please only register for the match if you have the intention of completing the process and shooting the match. In an effort to comply with the many requests that were made for families and groups, we are debuting a new enhancement to PractiScore’s registration. You will now be able to choose if you want to register as an individual or as a shooting group. The group process will allow you to group with family members or regular shooting partners for registration and squadding. Meaning - if you make it into the match, so would your family members or shooting partners (** limit of 4 **). The group as a whole will subject to the same random process. The only advantage is for those that do not want to attend if their family or friends do not make it into the match. As always, registration spots are not transferable, and the refund policy will be strictly enforced. Here is more on the Group Process: Example 1 (Shooting Buddies): Bill and Bob want to shoot together. Bill enters the match first as the group leader. He will then send Bob the group code and Bob then enters as part of the group. The group is treated as one entry. The group will make it into the match as long as space for the whole group is available if they are selected by the system. Bill and Bob cannot also enter as individuals. Example 2 (Family): Husband wants to shoot with wife and child. Someone from the family enters first to start the group process as the group leader.. Then the rest of the family registers and joins the group using the code provided by the system. Husband cannot also submit as an individual. However, husband can submit individual application and wife and child can submit family group. But, then the husband will run the risk of wife and child making it into the match and husband left home alone. You will have to make the choice if you want to register as an individual or a group and take your chances. Like last year, Staff Registration and Approved Sponsored shooters will be contacted to sign-up using a different website and or process. If you are unsure that you will be selected as staff or as a sponsored shooter, signing-up here might be the only way to have a chance for a slot in the match. Approved sponsors may contact: Mick Bjelopavlic prizecoordinator@smm3gun.com for registration info. I am hopefully that this process makes sense and our terms are both considered reasonable and understandable. We are humbled by the popularity of our match and constantly strive to refine the process keeping it fair while also staff friendly. For questions related to the registration process, please contact me by email SMM3GUNSTAFF@GMAIL.COM
  11. We contemplated several different processes. Good arguments were made to reward veteran shooters of the match, club members, and every other group that you can put a label on. In the end we decided that a completely random selection would be the fairest solution. In the past, Club members that do not make it into the regular match that have remained on the wait-list have have been offered spots in the Pre-Match if any remain available.
  12. Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun 2015 Registration Update We are planning for this years registration process to begin this coming weekend. (October 19th) Our plan is to implement a lottery process that will take place once everyone has had a chance to take their time and register over the time frame of a week. As an additional enhancement, we will also allow families and friends that wish to shoot together the chance to register together. Our very dear friends at PractiScore are working on the registration system that will allow us to accomplish this task. As a shooting community, we are all very fortunate that they have worked so hard to help ease the burden for match directors everywhere. We will be using Practiscores Match Management's website this year for both registration and later on for squadding also. Please stay tuned for the exact details to be posted near the end of this week. We will also send out blast emails to everyone that we have on file that will include the registration link when it becomes available. Thanks in advance to everyone that supports our Match - We are all working very hard to put together what we hope to be a very enjoyable experience for all who attend. SMM - 3 GUN STAFF
  13. As a reminder, the dates for the 2015 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun have been set for March 27-29, 2015. We are in the process of finalizing the registration process that will be used this year. We are dedicated to constantly improving the process so that everyone has an equal chance of getting into our match. Like last year, we are planning to begin the registration process in late October in order to give everyone plenty of time for travel plans. Please follow this topic so that you can remain informed. Expect that the registration details will be published very soon. Thanks for your continued interest in our match. SMM3G - STAFF
  14. Round Counts As currently designed, the likely minimum round count is: RIFLE = 174 PISTOL = 99 SHOTGUN BIRDSHOT = 89 SHOTGUN SLUG = 4 There is no buckshot required. IMPORTANT: A reminder about rule 3.4, which reads "ammunition containing tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten/penetrator core projectiles is unsafe and prohibited.". As well as being a match rule, all steel-containing projectiles are prohibited at the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club range due to the risk of fire. Possession of steel projectile ammo at the SMM3G match will be grounds for DQ, regardless of whether the ammo is used on a stage, on your belt, or in your range bag. Please leave all your steel ammo at home.
  15. 2014 SMM 3-Gun Registered Shooters The squadding process is beginning now. Today every registered shooter should have received an email with a complete list of every one signed up to shoot the match so far. If you changed your email since registration or otherwise did not receive the information, please email me at squadding@smm3gun.com. This squad list will evolve and become final over the next two months. There will be absolutely No squadding changes made at the match. Now is the time to make sure that we have all your correct requests and information. I am hopeful that you find this helpful and that this process will allow us to find a way to attempt to make everyone happy. Please be patient with the process and we will do our best to satisfy your wishes. Our plan is to send this list out several times until we get it tweeked to the satisfaction of as many as we can. SMM 3-Gun Squadding & Registration Staff
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