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  1. Anyone have a line on the tactical or new pro model 40 S&W? I saw a few two weeks ago and now everyone is out of stock.
  2. I did some gun wrenching on my 1911 last night. Mainly I did a quick once over and cleaned it for the first time (it has about 800 rounds through it now) and started to try and figure out my magazine ejection issue. I noticed that the EGW mag release is depressed more than just enough for the finger to clear the slot in the magazine the radius on the button side would contact the mag body completely stalling the mag to where it would not move unless it had 9 rounds or more. Out came the dremel tool and a stone. I pushed thag radius back until even fully depressed the radius was now flush with the inside of the frame. Gave it a good polish, relubed the gun then reassembled it. All mags drop free after the first round is loaded and then I hand ejected a few randomly to seen if it was pulling the rounds forward enough to effect ejecting partial mags on the move. Nothing there, but still need to do live fire to confirm. I also made a plan for returning to production. I was set on putting together a CZ SP-01 but I came across the P 09. I like the feel of the P 09 and am actually partial to polymer guns.. plus its just different than what everybody else is running. Now I need to tool up for 9mm and stock pile a few K of brass and projectiles. Now to get back into a dry fire routine. I am setting up a 20 minute nightly routine to start with based on the Anderson books and a few other drills I normally do.
  3. It took 4 Months to get to shoot my next match. The bad: Laying off any sort of practice is hard to come off of and shoot a match cold. I shot the match, I struggled developing plans (two long courses my plan fell apart midway, so I just shot what I saw) had pretty good accuracy, one speed shoot had hard cover stripes and was facing directly into the morning sun. It was the first time my loads obscured the targets as I shot (shoot 4 targets, reload engage the array again) I shot well, making A area hits 12 of 16 shots, but 5 hit locations were in a hard cover. The Good: I won my class (there were 4 in Lim10, two Bs and two unclassified.) And placed mid pack overall combined against the Lim/Prod folks. I am switching over to plated from the Coated Lead, but I was shooting what was left of the coated at this match. This year hasn't worked out, but I want to get my A card if at all possible. The last frustration is I am having issues with the magazines not dropping free. It appears that the slide is partially pulling forward the next round and it is catching in the well on the way down.
  4. The last month has not been kind match wise. No matches until the 19th of Jan (one month with no trigger time!) One of the local USPSA Clubs looks like it is going to drop USPSA affiliation for unknown reasons. I haven't dry-fired in 2 months now. I am staring at a weekly schedule I made almost 8 months ago for training/reloading. It hasn't remotely been followed. Now the positive! My Hiilburton Drill came in at 55.6x%. I am shooting I guess right at my classification if I go 80% of speed. I want all As all the time right now. This season will be all LIM10 with my Trojan. If I want to make gains this year (at two matches a month, schedule/weather permitting) I will need to be turning in 70% real soon. My shooting budget for this year looks to be right at 5,000 rounds. I have had no luck finding my powder until I posted on a local forum and snagged 2.5 or so Lbs of WSF to add to my last lb. That will get me 80% of my budget. Bullet wise, I am still considering what to do. I have about 1400 180 BBI and then I will need another 3600 to finish the season out. I may switch to a local company or just go to plated (getting 500 180 RMR to check them out in my gun.) I have at least one level II I would like to attend (NC Section) with the possibility of going to the SC section as well. 2014 goals. Meaningful practice, I need to work on my draws and reloads. I am not depressing the mag release enough and mags are hanging up in the gun, resulting in me having to strip them out (great practice!) and costing me time. Seeing through my sights to the target and getting a clean crisp trigger pull quickly. I find myself thinking about shots I am uncomfortable with or "need" to make. This shuts down the flow of a stage and turns my subconscious completely off. I find when I run a stage in "drive" I make solid hits, rarely shoot Cs, never Ds. I think about what I am doing and Cs and Ds start cropping up. Stop drooling over Limited. I find myself always looking to fund a 2011 build, when I have yet to make it out of C class in Production or LIm10. My 2014 goal is Still Lim10 A, if I hit A, then I want my M card. Production is for 2015, with what gun I don't know, I load only for .40 and would really prefer to just stick with the caliber across the board. Next match is this sunday, I want clean (minimize Cs no Ds Ms or NSs) stages, good plans and solid Classifiers.
  5. As a reference, I worked up a load of 5.3 gr behind a BBI Moly 180 hr at 1.180 going about 940 fps out of my Trojan .40 at 80 degrees. I shot that same load at 45 degrees and saw a 10 shot average shooting 947 fps. Same location just different time of year. I have since bumped my load to 5.4 gr to cover temp and Chrono variance. I did load some at 5.6 gr and saw about 990-1010 fps out of the same gun at the lower temp.
  6. You need to open the loop that contacts the sear surface enough for it to drop, you will need your slide to fine tune it though as every gun is a little different.
  7. Well I haven't kept this up weekly but I will start back up. Dry fire practice hasn't happened in close to a month beyond just handling my Trojan every few nights and working on my eye sight (focus on FS move Focus to object, back and forth) I now have three matches with my Trojan and other than experiencing magazines not dropping (I think the rounds are riding forward under the pressure from springs and the bottom of the slide, marking mags to identify which ones are giving me problems) I am U class in LIM10, first classifier score landed at a whopping 16% (M Ns on Diamond Cutter). My 2nd for Hillburton Drill should land around 56% or so. The last match was solid for me. Shot 3 Ds, 1 B, 10 Cs and 120 As. I won my division (all three of us!) Against two C shooters. Shot 93% of available match points. Have a 2 gun match this weekend and a classifier match on the 29th. Good mix of Classifiers including long range standards. I can keep my shots on paper at 40 yds, but tend to shot ACDs all over place. Gearing up some dry fire this week and next. I am seeing some trigger control issues and maybe grip too. Pulling shots way over and I can tell when I am not looking where I am shooting as in I see Brown, bang..bang. I shot a great 10 yd 2" double tap into the C/D zone on more than one target due to me not focusing and respecting that open target. My intial goal of making A in Production seems a little further off than 6 months, mainly I will only have 3-8 classifiers shot by then. My 2014 match schedule looks like 2-3 uspsa matches a month plus trying to make the NC section, SC State section, and maybe Georgia. Area 6 isn't possible this year, maybe next year. I am on the hunt for a production gun, another 40, Probably just a FS M&P to keep costs down. I am running low on powder and bullets. I have enough primers for the year along with brass. 8 lbs of WSF and a switch to FMJs or Plated (1911 runs ok on the moly, going to assess what I need over the next month) will get me through for a while. The production gun will run plain lead as its cheap and local. I like the accuracy and have acceptable fouling levels over time.
  8. Add me to the Lim10 side. A80093. Hitting a classifier match in two weeks! Will jump back to production in the Spring.
  9. What time does registration start? Haven't seen that information posted anywhere. Will be making the Drive from Charlotte.
  10. I have messed with loading some of the 195 lrn for my 1911, it likes the profile a lot more feeding wise than the TC I have been using. Definitely grabbing a sample pack to test out a on.
  11. What level of ammo consumption do you need to support? How many calibers? Do you have any reloading equipement yet?
  12. The Ghost pouches have worked great for competition. The ready tactical pouches are for carry use.
  13. I grabbed a few at the last match (195 gr LRN .40) I am going to pick up a sample pack to shoot, but the only observations I have are they run a little oversized (the 5 I have are .402) and make weight or are slightly above advertised weight (195.2ish) I too would like the lube groove gone, but that adds weight and more lead to the equation.
  14. This past weekends matches went ok. 2 gun match was fun, had a magazine related malf on my pistol (more about that later) placed 3rd in my division. Sundays USPSA match was the first Lim10 match with my Trojan. 4 field courses and a classifier (09-02 diamond cutter) Started on two field courses, down right bad stage plan, another mag malf (mag would not drop, had to strip it out by hand) and got off on my count followed by a FTE, double Mike. 2nd field course went better, then classifier... turn and draw was good, I froze and didn't disenage my safety... followed by trying to catch up. NS M. So 6 As, a C and Mike NS. Bad start in Lim10. Rwst of the day improved except for my magazine issue, came back to get me on a triple steel with two clamshella that cost me a few seconds. I identified the mag, cleaned out the grit, all is well. Didn't occur to me to even check them during the match. Getting a more steay dry fire routine up now. Ran some draw to good sight pictures with a 1.7 Par. My draw is a weakness, my reloads are either on or I barely get it done. Working on those two things for next month. No video from any of the matches, didn't grab the camera.
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