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  1. All of my aftermarket barrels were more accurate out of the box except for the G20C the factory barrel is the most accurate I own. Maybe it’s placebo? Dunno...
  2. They need to be cut so that they fit above the magwell. Yes Yes
  3. You guys arent worried about lead poisoning your kids?
  4. You don’t want a magazine extension, your looking for an extended basepad. Taylor freelance has some that don’t add any capacity.
  5. Steven420

    Glock 34 Slide

    Glockmeister has slides..
  6. Steven420

    Home trigger work

    5 posts and you’re bashing vendors? Interesting...
  7. Zev has one. And glockmeister has a polymer one with two screws in it..
  8. Not ejecting or not feeding?
  9. Steven420

    Home trigger work

    Johnny Glock or DK they just drop in, you’ll love it!!
  10. I have a Glock 26, 19, 23, 23c, 22, 22c, 35, 20c, all have Ultimate ZEV triggers in them. Once they are adjusted correctly i’ve never had a problem with any of them.
  11. I find that wearing a silicone wedding band relieves some of the pressure on my middle finger when shooting Glocks.
  12. Theres some follower modifications required to guarantee that 23rd rd fits.
  13. Carver, SJC, KKM are good comps that redirect gasses to force the muzzle down. The Lone Wof comp just reduces felt recoil as all the gasses are redirected towards the rear.
  14. Don’t waste your money on Lone Wolf products if you’re looking for better groups. BarSto, KKM, EFK, ZEV, S3F, and SilencerCo all make better barrels for the money. Lone Wolf would be the last choice IMHO...
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