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  2. BSPS sent me a Stock II holster for the Limited Pro. It's the Long's Shadow Huron Carbon Fiber holster...fit was not 100% until the heat gun came out and heated up the muzzle end of the holster and slipped the pistol in for a little bit of light re-forming. Now it's 100%
  3. @kneelingatlas, @Pippu_Paladin, and @gnappi thank you so very much! I'm going to order a conversion kit. I'll need a fiber optic front sight, I'm pretty comfortable with the width/height of my Dawson on my 9mm (.140 x .100) what's the right height for a .40 cal to start in the lower regulation zone of the rear sight? - Jake
  4. Figured this would be the place to ask...what’s been the general consensus with EAA conversion kits? New to Tanfoglio pistols, buddy owns a gun shop that just acquired all of the stock from a gun shop nearby where the owner passed away. In the ‘haul’ was a brand new Limited Elite in 9mm. I’ve always wanted a Tanfoglio to shoot in USPSA as they just feel darn good in the hand and shoot lights out accurate. A positive I see here is that I could buy it since he’s offered it to me extremely cheap and run it in L-10 Minor (ban state) and Limited Steel Challenge. I do really want to go Major though. Is it feasible or am I just opening up potential for a headache with the conversion? - Jake
  5. Hey All! Not sure why I did it...it was as if there was a cosmic energy field drawing me toward the glass case... I’ve got a fresh belt and mag pouches with a BOSS hanger...just need a holster body. I’ve used the Long’s Huron holsters in the past (same as the BSPS Unicorns from what I’ve learned). Long’s Huron BSPS Unicorn Would a Stock 2 holster shell work for this gun? Long’s doesn’t list the Lim Pro yet BSPS does along with the Stock 2 as the same fitment for their Unicorn holster shell. Feel free to DM me if you have a spare holster kicking around.
  6. Standards were grandfathered in and you had to ‘declare’ what magazines you owned. Sadly I didn’t declare a bunch of mags for guns I was going to own in the future.
  7. CT resident...looking to start going back to some USPSA matches in CT/NY/MA/PA etc. So I'm not lucky enough to live somewhere I can have standard capacity magazines and the surrounding states are similar. Are any of you in the same boat and still shooting CO with 10rd mags? I know I'm not going to do well in regional/state matches where standard cap and + basepad magazines are allowed. I don't have this quandary in IDPA...however that statement opens a whole other can of worms to ignore for now...
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