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  1. Kevin: If I understand your April 6th post correctly by "how to adjust the amount of case insertion into station 1" you mean how to adjust how far the case travels into the shellplate right? As opposed to how far the resizing die goes over the case. If I'm understanding you correctly then I think you should consider adjusting the 3/8" diameter, vertically oriented, black metal rod (plunger) that contacts the black plastic ramp. The ramp I'm referring to is the piece that pushes the shell into station 1. One end of the rod contacts the ramp (which is spring loaded)the other end is threaded and has a nut on it. Adjusting the elevation of the rod adjusts the travel of the black plastic piece (and of the shell). Tighten the nut down after you adjust the rod to hold the adjustment. If I understand Dillon's March 28 post correctly, you should have a primed shell in station 2 when making this adjustment. I also use a Lee undersized die in station 1 for 40 S&W. I don't have a problem with the amount of case insertion. I think that since the dillon die has more of a radius at the mouth it probably is more forgiving of a shell that is off center relative to the resizing die. But if you tweak the insertion adjustment the lee's smaller radius shouldn't be an issue. Hope this helps. By the way have you fixed your problem of the primer being offset relative to the shellplate? I'm still having an issue with it myself. Regards, Tim
  2. Yes the shoulder screw is in the center. I'm not suggesting you torque it down significantly otherwise yes the shellplate won't even rotate from the friction. I'm just saying that I tightened it ever so slightly to affect by a tiny amount the position of the shellplate when it indexed (not so tight to make indexing a problem). Remember also that there is a brass tipped set screw that holds the position of the shoulder screw. You need to loosen it to adjust the screw then re-tighten it after. This shoulder screw adjustment only helped me a little and is not correcting the root cause (whatever the root cause is). Yes the adjustable stop (probably not the right term) is to the left of the shaft/cam under the shellplate (if you are facing the machine. It is steel, about 3/8" wide, 1/4" thick, 5/8" tall (estimates from memory not actual measurements), if memory serves its tip has a curved profile that mimics the curve of the black plastic cam it contacts. Anybody else out there experience this problem? If so please enlighten us to the most robust fix or at least your experience trying to correct it. Regards, Tim
  3. I think I have been experiencing the same problem but to a lesser extent. I've loaded around 6000 rounds of 9mm and not had the problem but shortly after starting to reload 40 (all of this also on a 650) I started having the same problem at a rate of about 1 out of 25 rounds. I can see that the shellplate is slightly too far clockwise (ballpark estimate of .030"). I would end up distorting a lot of primers unless I caught it quick enough. Same problem as you in station 1. I called Dillon and their input was that perhaps the metal stop that contacts the black plastic cam ramp needed a little bit of adjustment (it's position is adjustable horizontally). The ramp is the part that moves up and down with the ram/main shaft. The metal stop is to the left od the shaft, it's mounted to the frame. Anyways I adjusted the stop but it didn't help me (perhaps it'll work for you though, who knows). It seemed to effect the point in time that the shellplate started to rotate but not where it ended up angularly. One thing did work slightly for me. I tightened the shellplate shoulder screw to just the exact right amount such that shellplate would come to a stop at a slightly nearer location. It was almost impossible to tweak the shoulder screw to this position. But this is a mickey mouse fix and someday I'll get around to calling Dillon again. Kevin, what caliber are you having the problem with? Have you / do you have the problem with other calibers? Please let us know if you figure it out as it doesn't take much of a glitch for one's throughput rate to go down fast. Anybody else out there have any experience with this? Regards, Tim
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