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  1. I will say I was on the fence about going to Bianchi in 2016. You guys have pretty much convinced me that I am NOT going. I just can't see spending all that time practicing, money on ammo, week off work, hotel room, drive 13 hours, ETC just to watch OTHER folks shoot Sure, I'll get to shoot my match, but I can do that right here in VA. While I totally agree there needs to be some changes at the Cup, we end up talking every year about how we can grow this event and nothing happens. I believe if NRA/Midway continue to cater to the top 20 or so shooters, this event is as well as dead. We cannot grow AP by focusing on pro and High master shooters. They (for the most part) will shoot these events every year. Certainly very limited growth potential in attracting these folks, there just aren't that many of them. Someone has to start thinking about how to attract shooters from all classes. They don't even recognize the other classes any more and since very few folks start out at HM, there needs to be some draw for everyone else. Like MOST shooters, I have (more than) and full time job, pay for all my own gear and ammo, and have limited time to practice. Very difficult for all of us to compete at the top and if there's nothing but watching others shoot and the "hope" of winning a gun at the banquet, why should we go? And more importantly why would a brand new shooter go?? Hell, I can buy a raffle ticket from the rescue squad and watch Doug's show on Friday night if that's all I want to do. I did go to Germany and finished 5th Metallic there, and I've been VERY lucky to have some great folks to help me learn this sport in Bedford in a short time, but I'm pretty sure I'm the exception, not the norm. Sorry for the rant...But short version is -when is someone going to talk (and actually do something) about how to REALLY attract new shooters to THIS sport when there are so many other shooting sports gaining more popularity right now. The Cup certainly isn't it... thanks for reading, as a good friend says. Just my .02
  2. I shoot a 6" Targetmaster, and I have put it on the bench. It's a 9mm reamed to 9x23. came from Brazzos (sp?). Reamed, lightened slide, spring work, trigger work, HOURS AND HOURS of load testing as anyone in our club will tell you. (they think I'm a little too particular)... Anyhow, It will absolutely shoot sub 1" groups at 50 with the right load. I'd be happy to send you spreadsheets if you need data, but not sure it has much value for anything other than 9x23.
  3. I know most of them are obvious, but some aren't. For instance is says: -Bianchi Mover, but last year they shot Texas mover. -F class, but I heard it's 600 yds this year, not 1000 -and many of the events would require holsters if done by rules. Will we start low ready? or will we draw? how do they get holsters for fit everyone? -Cowboy, 2 pistols or 1? doesn't mention 2 which is standard cowboy. -Just a curious kinda guy I guess. We'll find out in a few weeks either way. I saw the rules sheets put out by Trijicon last year for the match. It was very detailed as to exactly what how each event would be run. Haven't seen anything like that. I agree, going to get to shoot some cool guns at the very least. Also agree I hope I don't like any of them TOO much thanks
  4. anybody heard when they will come out with the stage rules? I'm very much looking forward to the match, but getting info has been pretty difficult.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I also got to talk to someone else who went last year. Looks like I'm Peacemaker bound. Looking forward to it. Don't know how well I'll do, but will have a LOT of fun doing it. Had to miss the Cup so this is my big outing for the year. Wish they would post some info. The website originally said 6/1, but nothing new. I sent them an e-mail, but no response. Have fun wherever you go!
  6. Anyone have an opinion on Shooting the Rockcastle match VS the Peacemaker match?? Seems to be pretty much the same rules/format. Any advantage to shooting one or the other? Any info would be helpful, neither site has given much in the way of specifics for this year's matches thanks
  7. Haven't seen this mentioned, so I will. Once you get to where you can practice on a real mover you MAY find that your lead is not the same going both directions. Nothing to do with ballistics or gun, just how you see, how you squeeze, and react to the target. Mine is quit different. Good luck!
  8. If we're just throwing out ideas.... I know there has been a lot of talk over the years about how to grow the cup. One suggestion I have is to separate Professional and Amateur shooters. People like to be successful in whatever they're doing, particularly if they're thinking of shooting a national championship. Like MANY (most?) of you, I have MORE than a full time job, other commitments, and pay for any and all ammo I use. It is impossible for me to compete with people like Doug (not that I'm capable anyhow) and have any chance of winning anything. Many folks have jobs where they are basically paid to shoot, the rest of us just try to keep up. We're certainly not going to grow the cup by adding more professional shooters, we have to motivate more of the "regular" shooters. Why should they come just to get their butts kicked?? I know there's a LOT of challenges in doing this, but just a suggestion. Short version... how do we get more "regular" shooters to the match? More shooters=more sponsors
  9. is there a rumor it may get moved??? I can't imagine the logistics of trying to do that. Hotel reservations, travel plans, scheduling... Those of us that went to Germany... They did not have the range done until the day before the match. Practice was on a completely different set of barricades (wood frame) than the match. Match plates weren't even installed, mover pads were being poured...They still managed to pull it off and provide a great experience. I know they had a lot of help from some VERY good AP shooters. I guess the best thing I can say is that regardless of range conditions... we are all shooting with equal handicap... Leaving tonight for KY... Good luck to all.
  10. there are far more experienced folks in here that I... but here my understanding. Metallic prone pad-Yes Prone after 10 on plates and practical-yes Metallic trigger weight is 2.0 -safeties must work.
  11. Does anyone have any info on the World shoot? I'm hearing all kinds of things...Like the practical range is a 10 minute car ride, range isn't ready, lack of practice facilities...Seems like folks are nervous about this one. Anyone have real info? thanks
  12. Second that.. Thanks Doug!
  13. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Al Mason? trying to get an e-mail out for team entries. thanks!
  14. Hi Russell, I'll bet it is rough up there. Like much of the country, it's been unusually cold here. How many of us can check off items on this list? - I've loaded every piece of pistol brass I own (including 3k rounds for a revolver I rarely use) -Every gun I own is clean -I've rearranged all my shooting bags (at least twice) -I've dry fired on EVERY object in my basement (multiple times) -Worked on loads for my 454 till my wrist hurts -took an AR apart and put it back together (just because) -dismantled my Dillon and cleaned every part -I've watched Doug's video so many times I think I know his routine almost as well as he does... -Raised the stock value on Kendall Jackson wine by about 2 points -the list goes on... It was in the 20's here when I shot the mover but I HAD to get out! You know it's bad when your wife is telling you to go to the range and the kicker is- I shot the best on the mover I have in a long while. Only had 2 8's at 25 with my metallic gun. Now if I can just shoot the world with 3 layers, a winter coat, and numb hands, I've got it made! Hope to see you soon. mark
  15. actually the snow was so frozen the brass just stayed on top. May be the first time I got it all back!
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