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  1. liontribe

    Light for VP9?

    i am using this little fella at the moment. seems to be working just fine and really looks right on the HK. this is also my nightstand gun. loving it so far. liontribe
  2. i am just about to order those same irons for mine. i will just cut the old sights out with a foredom tool. i make knives for a living, so cutting out some irons should be no problem if i am careful and go slow. over the years i have learned to use a rotary tool like a scalpel. although, i am kinda interested in the new Shield RMS. it is supposed to have a very low profile on the slide, so you can use factory height sights. too many choices is better than not enough, i guess. thanks for all the info, fellas. really liking this XDm so far. was at the range with it this week, and the more i shoot it, the more i like it. liontribe
  3. Thanks for the input. I am probably going to switch to the viper and save myself any headaches over back up irons. liontribe
  4. thanks, still not sure what role this particular pistol will fill. liontribe
  5. just picked up this little fella a couple of weeks back. shoots very nice as is, will be great with a few tweaks. can anyone point me in the direction of some tall iron sights for this set-up. obligatory pics of the new toy. liontribe http://i.imgur.com/GGVCRza.jpg?1[/img] http://i.imgur.com/2imWnRJ.jpg?1[/img]
  6. Do you make the custom knives as show in the 10mm posting? 

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    2. IHMSA15151


      Will do, Thanks

    3. IHMSA15151


      Just checked out your Facebook page. You make some incredible knives. If you ever make more of the  BullShark Dart style I would like to buy one.

    4. liontribe


      it is a standard model so you can order one any time.  just drop me an email at liontribedesigns@gmail.com.  we can fix you up.  thanks.


      mike geist


  7. been searching for one for many months. picked this one up yesterday for $460 plus tax. great price in my book. trigger is very good, better than any factory glock i have seen. ergos are great, plan to get some range time this weekend. here are a few glamour shots in the mean time. liontribe
  8. i have used spray paint on hogue grips before. it is very tough once it cures for a couple of days. i have tried other paints and they all seem to chip or rub off easily. i did the black streaks by hand with model car acrylic once the base coat of texture had been on for a few days. it has not faded or chipped at all since i painted them a few months back. liontribe
  9. just thought i would share some pics of my new grips. this is my Match in .40S&W. i was hesitant to buy new grips until i was sure it was a keeper. i took the factory rubber grips and sanded them down to roughly half the original thickness and painted them with texture paint and flat black acrylic. i think they came out well and it cost me all of $6 total. i will get some henning grips in the future, but these will get my by for now. liontribe
  10. i found out the one i was looking at, even though longer than the one made for the factory magwell, was still not right for the Match frame. i will just go with a henning grip. i was trying to keep the same grips across the board, but alas, it was not to be. i did take my dremel and shave down the factory rubber grips. they were thick as a brick. liontribe
  11. i have a lead on a set of aluminum grips that are used and a very good price. they are listed as Standard Comp Frame Aluminum Grips on the EAA website. i need to know if these will fit a Match frame. i have the factory aluminum grips on my Limited pistols and would love to have the same style on my Match. that and they are quite a bit less $$ than a new pair. these are longer than the factory magwell grips, so i was hoping they would fit my new Match. thanks. liontribe
  12. this is very good news. i hope that the new .40 mags are not far off now. it seems i can now buy a new 9mm upper with confidence. thanks for the reports. liontribe
  13. i actually put the smaller safety on my Limited pistols. i just thought the original was a tad too large. it really didn't help me actuate the safety any better, so i dropped in a smaller one. now she is perfect for my grip with either hand. liontribe
  14. that is the reason i am sure. it just seems silly to me. the magazine is the heart of an autoloader. without a good mag, it is a very complex single shot pistol. that said, it does seem to work well enough. the gun itself is very accurate and really soft shooting. it digested three different brands of ball ammo and i ran some winchester bonded PDX1 180gr hollow points that i hand on hand. no problems. all in all, i am very pleased. liontribe
  15. i took my new Match out to my range for it's first time. she ran flawlessly. an extra mag i bought was too wide across the front of the feedlips. it was releasing the round a tad too early and causing a nose up jam only when i used the slide release on a fresh mag. it wasn't enough to cause trouble any other time. i tuned the feedlips to match my other mag that came with the gun. it seems to be fine now as i cannot replicate the problem anymore. the spacer on these .40 mags is in the front. does it seem odd to anyone else that they didn't put the spacer in the rear of the magazine for the shorter rounds such as the 9mm and .40SW? seems like a no brainer. i hope the redesigned 9mm and .40 mags will be available soon. the gun itself is amazing, especially for the price. my wife is trying take it away from me already. liontribe
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